Great News for Rick Perry Fans! He Still Got it!

Rick Perry is back! In the first speech he’s made since quitting the race January 19th, Perry Addressed Republican activists in Round Rock on Monday and said,

“I’m not slipping off into the sunset. I’m not riding off into the west…. We’ve got plenty of work to do right here in the state of Texas. And I got plenty of fight left in this old 61-year-old body.”

Earlier that day, during a Fox News interview, Perry used a beautiful metaphor, saying, “I haven’t left the fight…. I just went home and rearmed and reloaded my mags, and I’m going to be fighting on a different front.” The great news is that Perry won’t rule out a future White House bid. Even his wife Anita is prepared: ““I’d do it all over again,” Anita told Fox. “I hope he will.”

In honor of Perry’s return to the public eye, I present you with Perry’s Greatest hits! Enjoy!

For the sake of politics and entertainment, I really hope he runs for president in 2016.

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