Rick Perry declares second special session to pass “pro-life” bill on same day as 500th execution

One would think that the irony of such an action would be too much. But nope! Yesterday, the state of Texas executed Kimberly McCarthy, the state’s 500th execution since the death penalty was re-enacted in 1982:

Her death marks a grim milestone in a state that kills more people than any other in the country. Texas has carried out more than 40 percent of the roughly 1,300 executions that have taken place in the United States since the Supreme Court re-instated capital punishment in 1976. A 2011 study found that 92 percent of men sentenced to die in Texas were black.

On the same day, Governor Perry called a second special session of the Texas state legislature to enact the “pro-life” omnibus bill that Wendy Davis and the people of Texas stood up against and defeated in a highly publicized and supported filibuster. THE VERY SAME DAY.

Really emphasizes the Governor’s respect for human life, don’t you think?

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