Gov. Rick Perry signs anti-abortion bill into law

Texas Governor Rick Perry just signed the state’s new, incredibly restrictive anti-abortion bill into law. This is bad: the law could drop the number of abortion providers in the state from 42 to 6 and will ban abortion after 20 weeks. But this fight is not over. The national reproductive rights movement doesn’t want to admit it, but we’ve been losing for a long time. The Texas state government was already stacked with anti-choicers, as are the legislatures of many states, despite the majority of people in this country supporting abortion rights. But Texans rose up in response to this disgusting bill that will make abortion so much more difficult to access in the state. And that feminist army is not going away. Here is the list of legislators who voted for the bill and who feminists will now be organizing out of office. I’m looking forward to seeing a pro-choice Texas government led by Governor Wendy Davis.

In the mean time, you can donate to Texas’ abortion funds, the Lilith Fund and the Texas Equal Access Fund. Abortion funds shouldn’t be necessary; abortion should be accessible to everyone. But right now, they’re one way folks with financial resources can help. And there will be plenty of organizing to do to change the political climate in Texas and across the country.

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    Not to nit pick, but Perry already said that he would not seek reelection. The fire should be directed at Greg Abbott, the attorney general, who is the presumptive republican nominee. I would take Perry for the next ten years if it meant that Abbott never took the governorship.

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