5 things that are people according to the impeccable logic of Senator Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham, US Senator from South Carolina and Expert on Pregnancy, defended the 20-week abortion ban he’s introduced in Congress by noting that parents sometimes sing to their fetuses. Ergo: fetuses are people.  Read More »

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Watch: A Ray Rice-inspired makeup tutorial

I’ll admit that the first few times I saw this Ray Rice makeup tutorial shared, I was skeptical. Maybe I just wasn’t quite ready to find the dark humor in a story that, as Mychal wrote last week, has revealed just how much some people hate women. But comedian Megan MacKay’s video is really very well done.

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Pathfinder roleplaying game adds another trans woman to canon

Sonnorae - by Crystal Frasier

Sonnorae – by Crystal Frasier

Paizo’s Pathfinder roleplaying game continues to harness the imaginations of its many writers to fantastic effect. Back in July, Paizo released a new, updated “Harrow” card deck accessory for the game. Harrow is basically tarot but transposed to the fictional fantasy setting of Golarion, with unique art, symbolism, lore, and rules. The divination deck is a thing of beauty and one of the most imaginative accessories appended to any roleplaying game that I’ve seen in a while. Kyle Hunter’s artwork is breathtaking and haunting, with touches of Kafka and Dali, a Gothic mixture of the morbid and the absurd.

But of special interest was the recent revelation about an interesting addition to the lore. Sonnorae, the ancient mystic who created the Harrow deck, happened to be a trans woman. Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Congrats to the newest batch of MacArthur Genius grant winners, including Ai-jen Poo, director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance and long-time favorite of ours, Alison Bechdel, cartoonist and creator of the Bechdel Test, and Sarah Deerer, a legal scholar working to protect Native American victims of gendered violence.

An explanation of the birth control benefit in GIFs.

Meredith Vieira shares her story of being in an abusive relationship.

Jeffrey Toobin on how the “undue burden” standard for abortion rights is gradually disappearing.

The newly crowned Miss America interned with Planned Parenthood–which is cause for a freakout by “a small fringe of very backwards people.”

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Bartender pens awesome open letter to hedge-fund bro who grabbed her ass


Completely fed up with all dealing with misogynist, entitled customers, bartender Laura Ramadei decided to make an example of Brian Lederman, a Manhattan hedge-funder who responded to her inquiry about whether he and his friends needed anything else–you know, doing her job–by groping her butt and asking if he could take her “to go.”  Read More »

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