Empire of Dirt: How GamerGate’s misogynistic policing of “gamer identity” degrades the whole gaming community


As GamerGate’s cyber sandstorm rolls into its third month, the mainstream press has now covered it from virtually every angle conceivable, often with no small amount of frustration at its incoherence and nesting dolls of ideological self-delusion. Its cresting tidal wave of outrage has dredged up the worst sublimated impulses of a minority of mostly male gamers who made national headlines by driving developer Brianna Wu from her home, and threatening a terrifying mass shooting at a university where critic Anita Sarkeesian had been scheduled to speak. Many GamerGater’s protest that this does not represent the true face of their movement, but this is impossible to take seriously when so many of the movement’s nexuses are cesspools of rank misogyny and anti-feminism. They create an echo chamber of fear that, in much the same way far right extremist forums do, harden and amplify the violent tendencies of the already-prejudiced, feeding them a steady diet of manufactured outrage until they’re ready to burst.  Read More »

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Photo of the Day: Iranians protest after acid attacks against “improperly veiled” women


(Photo credit: @NCRI_Women_Comm)

Over the past few weeks, at least eight women have been attacked in Isfahan, Iran by men on motorcycles who splashed them with acid. In response, more than 2,000 Iranians in the city came out to protest yesterday, denouncing Islamic extremism and calling on the authorities to end the attacks.  Read More »

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Fashion and Feminism: Jamie Balbuena of Bandida


Jamie Balbuena in highwaisted jeans and a crop top that says Bandida

Jamie Balbuena | Bandida

I used to think that if I was going to be a Serious Feminist, I would have to give up my eyeliner and outfits. It wasn’t until years later that I would come to realize exactly how misogynist that was, how deeply the devaluation of the artistic elements of fashion is actually due to its proximity to the feminine. In an effort to further the dialogue on fashion, adornment, and feminism, I’m doing a series of interviews with feminist designers and artists that create beautiful things to wear. Check out our previous installments here!

When I first saw Jaime Balbuena’s Bandida line, I legit hollered in excitement. Bandida celebrates rebellious Latinas with a solid “don’t fuck with me” vibe. It challenges ideas about Latinas while celebrating Latina femininity. It’s feminism through a bi-cultural and multi-ethnic lens. From t-shirts and crop tops celebrating cholas as icons of both fashion and resistance to Carmen Miranda giving the middle finger (we’re fond of ladies giving the middle finger around here), it was love at first sight.  Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet


Women in the US still spend three times as much time on housework as men do. “Men…just do the damn dishes.”

Meet NYC’s first and only trans woman firefighter.

“Plastic surgery is fake. So is the Hollywood fantasy where women over 40 just don’t exist.”

The New Yorker profiles the president of the anti-choice group the Susan B. Anthony List.

7 female CEOs who inspire us all to be cogs in the capitalist machine.

On the Community site, Hanalei reflects on Jennifer Laude, a trans woman in the Philippines murdered by a US Marine. The Marine has now been detained at the Philippine military headquarters.

Black female journalist Rebecca Carroll on deciding to quit mainstream journalism.

Reminder if you’re sharing that viral “F-Bombs for Feminism” video: FCKH8 is a t-shirt company ”using girls as a means to a commercial end.”

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Chart of the Day: Why did computer science become dominated by men?

When you hear the phrase “male-dominated field,” computer science has got to be among the top few that immediately comes to mind. These days, only 18 percent of computer science majors are women.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 2.34.21 PM

But once upon a time–a time not so long ago since computers are still relatively young themselves–that wasn’t the case.  Read More »

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