You can stream After Tiller on PBS this month

If you weren’t able to see After Tiller when it came to select theaters last year, here’s some good news! The powerful documentary about the last few third-trimester abortion providers in the country premiered last night on PBS and will be available for streaming online until October.  Read More »

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Reminder: Don’t look at those stolen nude images of female celebs

jennifer-lawrence4No doubt you’ve heard by now of the Great Celebrity Naked Photo Leak of 2014. Thanks to an asshole hacker on 4chan, we now have proof that – as Roxane Gay notes – “beneath their clothes, celebrities are naked.” Shocking, I know. Here’s a reminder from Clementine Ford that the release of these stolen photos is a crime — and a violation that you are are participating in if you seek out and share the images.

In what’s being called the biggest celebrity hacking incident in internet history, more than 100 female celebrities have had their private nude images stolen and published online. The bulk of the images posted have been officially confirmed as belonging to Jennifer Lawrence, but a complete list of victims’ names – including Krysten Ritter, Kate Upton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rihanna, Brie Larson and Kirsten Dunst – has been subsequently published. (Link does not contain pictures, only names.)

The images were first uploaded by an anonymous member of the underground internet sewer known as 4chan and have since been enthusiastically shared across platforms like Reddit and Twitter. A representative for Lawrence has confirmed the images are real, condemning the theft of them as a “flagrant violation of privacy” and adding that “The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos.”  Read More »

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What if Spider-Man were drawn like the new Spider-Woman?

The Oatmeal takes a shot at it…

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.16.44 AM

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The Feministing Five: Lori Brown

Lori Brown; photo credit to Peter Bennetts

Lori Brown; photo credit to Peter Bennetts

Generally, when I find myself using the word “space” within feminist conversations, I usually mean Space, a type of catch all phrase that includes “community,” “culture,” and any theoretical premise I’m pretending to have learned in undergrad.

Luckily for us though, Lori Brown explores how feminists can use design, buildings, public policy, and politics to create feminist atmospheres — in actual spaces. Along with being a feminist architect extraordinaire, she is an Associate Professor at Syracuse Architecture, and author of Feminist Practices

We spoke with Lori about the importance of architecture when it comes to abortion clinics, women’s shelters, and public space at large. By far one of our most fascinating conversations of late, this interview will leave you looking around your surroundings with new insight.

And now without further ado, the Feministing Five with Lori Brown!

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

rapetheother 2Yup, pretty much.

The police violence we aren’t talking about.

“Rape victims act like victims,” and 17 other false myths about sexual assault.

The NFL updated its domestic violence policy. Some thoughts about what it means.

Let’s get more statues of women in New York’s Central Park.

Why Senator Gillibrand doesn’t need to name names.

“I will not ever believe that the university is acting in good faith to protect survivors until I see perpetrators kicked off campus.”

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