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Game over.

Tennesseans, make sure you’re getting out to vote against the extreme anti-choiceAmendment 1next week.

Here are a few more great takes on the racial and class politics of street harassment. Meanwhile, here’s what it’s like for a white dude to spend 10 hours walking around NYC.

“Hello, I’m Rachel. I’m 41, single and pregnant.”

Jesse Williams lays it down on Twitter on racist Halloween costumes.

At a rally for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a conservative talk radio host called the issue of campus sexual assault “a big lie” invented by “the feminist left.”

13 women on how to change male-dominated studio culture and get more female music producers.

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Through The Gate: What’s next for geeky feminism after GamerGate

Discourse aplenty has resulted from GamerGate; a campaign meant to silence women and critics has, in some cases at least, succeeded in having exactly the opposite effect.

The cyber commons of Twitter has played host to a remarkable series of discussions held under not-inconsiderable duress, ones worth listening to. Storifies of peoples’ opinions on GamerGate have mushroomed across social media, providing taut summaries or essays done in 140 character bursts that have gotten to the heart of a number of issues raised by this now three-month-old campaign of harassment and terror. Those in GamerGate’s line of fire often became citizen journalists providing a record of recent events.  Read More »

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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: The feminist protest in Barcelona

Like the rest of the English-speaking world apparently, we’re late on covering the awesome feminist protest that happened in Barcelona last week. Called Vaga De Totes (“Everything Strike”), the protest brought together more than 600 different feminist and community groups.  Read More »

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About that dad’s social media discipline: Sometimes it ain’t that deep

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This week, ever vigilant “Feminist Twitter” has been abuzz about a black father in Louisville, Kentucky who posted these photos (and caption) of his daughter after he found out that she had broken several of his house rules. The critique and skepticism of this man’s form of discipline have ranged from claiming it was unnecessary and counterproductive in the face of the “real” issues that this girl must have, to calling it slut-shaming and emotionally abusive. The general sentiment seems to be that posting pictures of his daughter online invokes a disciplinary tradition of humiliation that can only be harmful. How I do I feel about it? Well, my personal opinion is that: it ain’t that deep.

I think that what we have here is a 10-year-old girl — an age which falls into that precarious developmental stage between “my concept of reality could still potentially involve imaginary beings” and “I’m so close to tasting the full freedom that is being a teenager, even though I still kind of need an adult to support me in just about every way possible” — who lives in the digital age. Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Breaking my policy of not handing out too many cookies to male feminists, because Benedict Cumberbatch.

Badass suffragette exploits.

Is your Halloween costume racist? A helpful flowchart.

A North Dakota Supreme Court ruling on Tuesday made medical abortion effectively illegal in the state.

Some good responses to that viral street harassment video that makes it seem like only men of color catcall, plus a statement from Hollaback!

Apparently, it’s super expensive to “dress to get out of the friend zone.

Amy Poehler did a Reddit AMAA.

How much does masculine culture depend on defining itself against femininity?

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