Student kicked out of her prom for wearing pants

Shafer Rupard

Shafer Rupard’s red skinny jeans got her kicked out of prom.

Ah, the prom. That awkward night of teenagers dressing up and pretending to be adults remains one of our most long-standing and universal rites of passage. As such, it often seems to reveal a lot about how far we have — and haven’t — come in breaking down traditional norms around gender and sexuality. For every trailblazing trans teen who runs for prom king, or cross-dressing boy who wins prom king, or gay boy who wins prom queen,  you’ve got teachers lobbying for LGBTQ-free proms and lesbian couples prohibited from attending or sent to a fake prom instead.

The latest tale of gender policing at prom comes from Cherryville High School in North Carolina, where high school senior Shafer Rupard was kicked out of her prom for wearing…pants. Read More »

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Your Daily Poem: Eileen Myles

Ed. note: For National Poetry Month, we’re highlighting one feminist poem each day in April. See the whole series here.

Today’s poem is “An American Poem” by Eileen Myles.

Read More »

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Film: How to Lose Your Virginity

I have a little sister and, like any good feminist, I spend a lot of time making sure that she knows that her worth extends beyond her beauty, her body, and her sexuality. As she is still a teenager, a big topic in her life and that of her peers lately has been virginity. Personally, I don’t think that my sexuality or “virginity” is an object to lose, or give away, and I don’t want her to think that either. That’s why I was so excited to watch How to Lose Your Virginity with her.

In this documentary, filmmaker Therese Shechter uses her own path out of virginity to explore why our sex-crazed society cherishes this so-called precious gift. Along the way, we meet sex educators, virginity auctioneers, abstinence advocates, and young men and women who bare their tales of doing it — or not doing it. How to Lose Your Virginity uncovers how all the hype around virginity is basically a campaign to control and commodify women’s bodies.  Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake, California (Photo credit: Mark Cote)

Today is Earth Day. Check out some beautiful photos of our world and then read The Nation‘s series on climate change. I especially liked Naomi Klein’s piece on how saving our planet/ourselves will require a whole new way of thinking.

Folks have lots of thoughts on the rape scene in this past weekend’s Game of Thrones episode.

The Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s ban on affirmative action in higher education.

New, unsurprising study shows long-term psychological harm of childhood bullying.

Cardinal Dolan thinks women can just “walk into a 7-11” for birth control.

NPR looks a research on racial and gender bias in academic mentoring.

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GOP candidate claims she can’t be fighting a war on women because she’s…a woman

In a hilarious painfully awkward campaign ad, Michigan senate candidate Terri Lynn Land argues that her simultaneous female and Republican identities disprove the claim that she’s engaged in a “war on women.” But her whole opposition to the equal pay thing reveals that she is definitely a soldier and she’s definitely not fighting for equality. Read More »

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