You stan like a girl: The problematic feminization of the Beyhive

Today I came across a headline from The Root about a potential Jay-Z and Beyonce collaborative album. The headline was as follows: The Beyhive’s Hysteria Over News of a Possible Beyonce and Jay Z Album.

Thus far, I’ve kept pretty much quiet about my theory that the Beyhive has been unnecessarily feminized. It’s something I began to think seriously about after Drake dropped his infamous line: “Girls love Beyonce.” But this headline immediately struck me as further evidence that the Beyonce fan has become synonymous with woman. And that gendering has prompted sexist assumptions about the women who like Beyonce’s music (and rendered Beyonce fans of other genders invisible).  Read More »

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Chart of the Day: The pay gap for women of color

Earlier this week we got the terribly exciting news that, according to the latest Census numbers, the average American woman now makes 78 cents, instead of 77 cents, to the average dude’s dollar. But, as we know, the gap–which hasn’t improved in a decade–varies a lot by race.

Here’s a chart from ThinkProgress showing how the wages of women of different races compare to those of white men:


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Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: Thanks, Obamacare!

According to an analysis from the Guttmacher Institute, the no-copay contraception mandate is working pretty much exactly how it was supposed to–giving millions of Americans access to more affordable birth control options.

birth-control-co-pay1 (1) 2

And soon even more will experience the great satisfaction of seeing that charge for $0 on their statement as more insurance plans who were “grandfathered” in are required to implement the new requirements.

Maya DusenberyMaya is still a little bitter that she got her expensive IUD before the mandate. 

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Connie Britton and Kirstin Gillibrand

Um, how did I not know that Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Connie Britton were roommates in the ’80s?

The gender gap in biking

Our own Katherine Cross was in this months’s Bitch Magazine talking sex and sexuality in the world of erotic roleplaying.

VICE News investigated the misleading practices used by crisis pregnancy centers.

Jesus. There was a bomb threat targeted at Anita Sarkeesian at last March’s Game Developers Choice Awards.

One of Cassandra Koss’s life goals was to make her Fox News-watching conservative dad into “a hard-core feminist.” After she unexpectedly died, he endowed a gender studies center in her name.

The most feminist moments in sci-fi history.

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Feministing Jamz: Mz. 007 – Important

our mudflap girl, jammin on her headphones

How good is it to see a talented woman of color who is big, claiming her fatness with power, and talking about how she’s not only important but GORGEOUS?  Read More »

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