Badass Woman of the Day: Liberian 22-year-old saves family from Ebola


Fatu Kekula (Photo credit: John Bonifield/CNN)

This is what resilience looks like. Fatu Kekula is a 22-year-old Liberian nurse-in-training who saved three out of four relatives who were struck by the Ebola virus. Unable to get them treatment at a hospital, Kekula spent two weeks caring for her father, mother, sister, and cousin on her own. Without any professional protective gear, she improvised her own system using trash bags and successfully avoided becoming infected herself.  Read More »

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Global Dispatch: Ireland’s March for Choice

Ed. note: This is a guest post from Grace Wilentz. Grace is a feminist activist and writer based in Dublin, Ireland. She is also a member of the South-based feminist alliance RESURJ: Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice. View previous  coverage of Savita Halappanavar and abortion in Ireland here and here


The sound of rolling suitcases rumbled from Dublin’s main thoroughfare to the Parliament as abortion rights activists took to the streets in Ireland’s third annual March for Choice on Saturday.

Estimates of the turnout are as high as 5000, more than double last year’s numbers. Having been an activist in this movement for a while- long enough to remember when we got excited about 40 people showing up to a demonstration- it was surreal to find myself in the middle of a march whose beginning and end were too far away to be seen.

As the march passed a taxi rank, a few taxi drivers heckled, “Do you need a ride to the airport, love?” This was in response to the thousands of women dragging rolling suitcases behind them to highlight the hypocrisy of Ireland granting women the legal right to travel to seek abortion services, yet denying women access to safe and legal abortion in their own country.

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Why a bill outlawing forced sterilization had to be passed…in California…in 2014

The good news is that forced sterilization is now illegal in California. The bad news is that the bill was necessary because up until now, coerced tubal ligations were happening.

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Study finds that being denied an abortion makes it harder to escape domestic violence

abortion providers save women's livesYou’ll recall that researchers at the University of California, San Francisco are conducting a large study, called the Turnaway Study, into the effects of denying people access to abortion. They’ve already found that when women who wanted an abortion are forced to have a baby, their physical health and economic stability suffers greatly. Now their latest study suggests that being denied an abortion makes it harder to escape domestic violence.

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

noplsbatmanUgh, DC Comics, ugh.

“No climate justice without gender justice!”

A Kenyan nurse is facing the death penalty for treating a woman who died after an abortion.

Meanwhile, here in the US, a conservative columnist argues that women who have abortions should be hanged.

FKA twigs addresses all the racist tweets she’s received for dating Robert Pattinson.

Former Feministing editor Courtney Martin on men and friendship.

Shondaland is back and still tackling feminist issues like always.

Our own Alexandra was on the MHP show this weekend talking about The Hyde Park List.

Everything about this new consent app is the worst.

Check out the #StopTransMurders twitter chat that happened today.

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