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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie just published an ebook called We Should All Be Feminists. Stay tuned for a review next week!

Why are women in prison?

The NYPD “Rape Cop” is now suing his accuser.

“Elite populism doesn’t threaten the elites.”

Meet the feminists on one of the most evangelical campuses in the U.S.


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New bills to tackle campus sexual violence

Know Your IX organizer (and Feministing blogger!) Wagatwe Wanjuki speaks at a press conference to introduce the CASAct.

Two bipartisan bills that would empower college students against campus sexual assault were announced this past week in the Senate and House. The Senate’s Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA) and the House’s Hold Accountable and Lend Transparency (HALT) share their focuses on mandating increased support for students on their campuses, increased transparency, and the creation of intermediary fines for schools found violating students’ civil rights. This last provision in particular is a a big win for student organizers who have long advocated for intermediate sanctions, like us over at Know Your IX‘s ED ACT NOW campaign. Here’s a quick run down of what you need to know about these bills and where we can expect things to go from here. Read More »

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Texts to Emma Stone

Hey Emma

It’s alexandra sry don’t know if you have my number saved

Sorry to do this over text but Read More »

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Jane Doe and Connecticut’s Carceral Crisis, Part II: The Office of the Child Advocate Lives Up to Its Name


When I last wrote about Jane Doe, I condemned the Connecticut State Department of Children and Families (DCF) for waging a PR war on her back, trying her through press-releases rather than in a fairly adjudicated court of law. Last week, the Connecticut State Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) formally agreed. In the words of a New Haven Register report,

Child Advocate Sarah Eagan’s office called the July 13 announcement by the Department of Children and Families about the fight the previous day involving the 16-year-old, identified as Jane Doe, and four other girls a “public shaming.”

Eagan’s statement is forthright in its analysis of Jane Doe’s situation and the larger carceral mess in which both she and the state find themselves in. She condemns the DCF for its failure to live up to what she calls its “parental” role for Jane, noting with restraint that “DCF’s rush to publicize a fraction of an incident is difficult to reconcile with [this role],” and that the much-publicized fight that saw Doe transferred to isolated confinement in a boy’s facility did not result in transfers for any of the other three girls involved in the incidents in question. Eagan notes that “[o]ne of the girls was restrained on five separate occasions during the same night—including being placed in hand cuffs and prone restraint–long after the initial incident had ended.” Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Some very ’90s advice on how to have cybersex on the internet.

A new study finds that men are more attracted to women who listen to them.

Rolling Stone profiles CeCe McDonald.

Alexandra and Elizabeth Deustch on why we need a new ERA.

“I won’t presume to speak for all women of color so I will speak for myself: I don’t care about that. I don’t want your pity, and I can’t use your guilt. I don’t want my white female colleagues to “check” their privilege. I want them to use it—their networks, their assets, their relationships—to form a united front with women of color, and to help improve things for all of us.”

An ESPN short film on Brittney Griner.

Katherine on the ”male gamer terror dream” that leaves them permanently afraid someone will take their games away.

Meet Carolina, a mother who brought her daughters 1,500 miles to the US so they wouldn’t be raped.

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