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Andrea Grimes has some tips for dudes on how to talk to your guy friends about not threatening to rape and murder women on the internet.

MIT releases a detailed survey on sexual assault on campus.

“I suspect I am not the only woman to become involved with men who profess to value her for her ability to be emotionally present, curious and passionate only to reveal, down the road, an expectation that this sort of generosity of time and energy be restricted solely to interests and activities that include them.” - Anna Holmes

I don’t support feminism if it means murdering all men. Ditto, now that you mention it.

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Quick Hit: The Rainbow Letters

Remember Zach Wahls? He’s the young man who, in 2011, stood up at an Iowa House of Representatives hearing to testify against amending the state constitution. The proposed amendment would have made same sex marriage, once again, illegal in the Hawkeye State.

Of course you remember him, because you probably remember tearing up while watching this video. You might also remember that some of us at Feministing felt the urge to immediately propose marriage to him.

Now, Wahls has teamed up with another young person raised by queer parents, Julia Winston, to compile The Rainbow Letters, a series of letters from people of all ages who were raised by queer parents. Read More »

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The Wednesday Weigh-In: How do you carry that weight together?

Carry the Weight logo

Today is international Carry That Weight Day of Action. Students at schools across the country will symbolically support survivors gender-based violence by collectively carrying mattresses around campus, inspired by Columbia senior Emma Sulkowicz’s “Mattress Project.” We’ve written before about Barnard student Allie Rickard’s call for everyone to “carry that weight together” and take collective responsibility for the burden we’ve allowed survivors to bear alone too long. Now she and other Morningside Heights organizers have organized this international day of solidarity to spread the message to other colleges and universities. Read More »

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Some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s greatest works may have actually been written by his wife

According to a new documentary about to premiere in London, some of the most famous works by the “father of all harmony,” Johann Sebastian Bach, might have actually been composed by his wife, Anna Magdalena.  Read More »

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What you need to know about the 43 disappeared students in Mexico

What happened?

On September 26th, 43 students from a rural teaching college in the Mexican state of Guerrero  were “forcibly disappeared” by local police in a series of violent attacks that killed several students. It’s widely assumed that the police were collaborating with organized criminals in the area, but it’s unclear exactly who ordered the attack. According to Laura Carlsen at CIP Americas, “the line between organized crime and government in the city was long ago erased by collusion between the two.”  Read More »

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