GLAAD gives two major movie studios failing grades for LGBT representation

Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman. Dear Hollywood: stop sucking and make this happen please. Image via.

Laverne Cox as Wonder Woman. Dear Hollywood: stop sucking and make this happen please. Image via.

GLAAD has released their second annual studio responsibility index, which tracks LGBT representation in major Hollywood films. Like last year, the report found a lack of LGBT representation in movies; additionally, a lot of the representation was negative: Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Detroit is suspending water shut offs for 15 days following protests.

Alexandra Brodsky and Elizabeth Deutsch on how Title VII of the Civil Rights Act could overturn Hobby Lobby.

Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel is getting a sixth printing, which is freaking huge for comics. This is yet another clear sign that diversity is good business.

Marissa Alexander has been denied a new Stand Your Ground hearing.

Fadoodling! And 30 other slang terms for fucking from the last 600 years.

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image via ABC

Amidst the violence and bloodshed happening literally as you read this blog, some Jews and Arabs are showing that these two groups do not have to be enemies.  Read More »

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Against Visibility

Jared Leto

Credit: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson. Via Salon

When Jared Leto won a Golden Globe and then an Oscar for playing a (caricature of a) transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club, I witnessed so much cis mansplaining about how Leto’s performance and award show appearances were good for trans women, because we needed visibility. Lots of folks don’t know about trans people, they argued, and Leto was educating them – plus his performance wasn’t that bad, it was accurate to how trans women were (seen by these cis men) at that time. When Laverne Cox made the cover of TIME, Andrew Sullivan responded by arguing that trans people should be willing to talk about our genitals when asked because people need to be educated – as if continuing to focus on our crotches instead of the rest of our lives would somehow be a positive thing, because all visibility is good.

Visibility is not necessarily a good thing, particularly for trans women. Read More »

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Watch President Obama sign an executive order protecting against LGBT employment discrimination

This morning, President Obama is set to sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination against LGBT federal employees. The executive order will not contain additional religious exemptions as the current text of ENDA does – something advocates had feared. This executive order will expand protections for federal employees to include gender identity, as well as barring federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

You can watch from the White House live here: Read More »

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