The mother in jail for helping her daughter get an abortion tells her story

hands-in-jail-dark-375x250We’ve been following the case of Jennifer Ann Whalen, the mother who was prosecuted for helping her daughter get an abortion, for awhile. Whalen was charged with a felony after ordering abortion pills online without a doctor’s perscription, and she’s now serving up to 18 months in prison. (Basically, this woman should get every Mom of the Year Award ever.) Whalen, who wants nothing but privacy for her and her family, did grant one interview to Emily Bazelon right before she began her sentence. Here’s her storyRead More »

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Watch: John Oliver takes on the Miss America Pageant

We gave this John Oliver segment on the Miss America Pagent a shout-out in the DFCS yesterday, but, goddamn, it deserves its own post. Feminist critiques of beauty pageants are certainly nothing new, of course,  but Oliver’s absolute incredulity that Miss America is still a thing in 2014 is really charming and contagious.

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4Chan users threaten to release nude photos of Emma Watson because she’s a feminist

Dont' fuck with Emma.

Don’t fuck with Emma.

Sadly, it could probably have been predicted that Emma Watson’s speech at the UN would reveal the absolute worst of the misogynist internet. Enraged by her audacity–having an opinion about feminism and saying it aloud for important people to hear!–4Chan users immediately set up a countdown site called Emma You Are Next, which threatens to release hacked nude photos of herRead More »

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Bring Feministing to your campus!

Lori and Jos on campus tour panelSince the Fall of 2009, Feministing has been traveling to college campuses to talk feminism – from the “war on women” to transgender liberation, from building consent culture on campuses to racial justice, from online activism to Beyonce. And we’re hitting the road again for our sixth year! We’re currently booking events for this current school year, so now’s a great time to get in touch about bringing us to campus. We’ve got brand new speaking event options this year – check out our speaking tour page for all the details, and read on to learn about our panels.

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Once again, Congress delayed authorizing funding to address the rape kit backlog.

Exploring the factors behind the racial gap in the abortion rate in the US.

The mother who is serving a 9-to-18-month sentence for helping her daughter get an abortion speaks to the NYT Magazine.

Wesleyan orders fraternities to become co-ed within three years.

John Oliver takes on Miss America.

Suicide is the leading cause of death among teenage girls worldwide.

A photo series on giving birth around the world.

Melissa Harris-Perry on that terrible Times piece on Shonda Rhimes and Angry White Men.

An interactive map shows the increase in state restrictions on insurance coverage of abortion.

YouTube prankster thinks groping women on the street is a hiiiiiilarious prank.

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