Watch: Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” performed as a dramatic monologue

I know Beyoncé’s ”Single Ladies” has a disputed status as a feminist anthem. While some feminists bristled at the way the calls to “put a ring on it” seem to position monogamous marriage as the ultimate goal for single ladies, I always appreciated the way she speaks to a real frustration with one dude’s inability to commit, while defiantly claiming her right have fun with other men in the painful aftermath of a breakup. And regardless of the lyrics, it’s certainly been claimed as an empowering anthem on many a dance floor over the years.

Nina Milli’s dramatic rendition of the song for her Beyoncélogues strips it of its upbeat danceability and plays up both the pain and the defiance. Queen Bey cannot be improved upon, obviously, but I’m loving the rawness Milli brings to the lyrics.

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Why feminists need to demand a more diverse Twitter

Yet another day, yet another reveal that the demographics of a large tech company are, well, pretty much what we thought they were — heavily male, mostly white. Yesterday, Twitter announced that its workforce is 70 percent men to 30 percent women, as well as 59 percent white, 29 percent Asian, 2 percent Black, and 3 percent Latin@. 

Like its peers Google, Yahoo!, and Facebook, Twitter has publicly declared its commitment to improving these numbers: “By becoming more transparent with our employee data, open in dialogue throughout the company and rigorous in our recruiting, hiring and promotion practices, we are making diversity an important business issue for ourselves.” In other words, Twitter is about to start Leaning In, y’all.

twitter diversity stats

Neither of these charts are that great.

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Feministing Readz: Looking for home in ire’ne lara silva’s flesh to bone

Abstract cover in purples, blues, and white. A hand, raised, is visible among the swirl of colorsI’m not sure about your social media, but mine lately’s been blowing up with people talking about just how much their hometown they are. People on my feeds are so Chicago. They’re so Wingate, NC, they’re so Worcester, MA, and they’re so New York City. They’re dropping names of old hangouts and neighborhood characters. As an immigrant girl, I happen to have thought quite a bit about home. But am I so my hometown? Nah. In fact, I’m so immigrant that when I go back to the place I’m from I’m a gringa, although here I’ll never really be American. I’m so immigrant that I feel the absence of so much knowledge about my home like an ache on a missing limb. I’m so immigrant that the place that’s felt the closest to home for me since I left — New York City — is a place of countless diasporas and continuing displacement. I’m so immigrant that thinking about the concept of home makes my brain spin and my heart hurt.

ire’ne lara silva seems to know something about that kind of hurt. In her gorgeous collection of short stories, flesh to bone, she writes beautifully about this tenuous struggle to find home. And not just the kind of home immigrants like me long for — though certainly stories of migrations feature prominently in many of these short stories — but home in a larger sense as well. Her characters push to find themselves at home in their bodies — in sexual bodies, sick bodies, magical bodies. They struggle to find home on foreign lands, and on now colonized lands their people have lived in forever. They search for home in the body of a lover, on wet earth, in dreams, and in myths.  Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Beyonce as Rosie the Rivetor

Beyoncé the Riveter.

Advice for journalists and writers of color.

50 movies directed by women you should watch.

A dispatch from a women-only off-road rally in the Moroccan desert.

Sex-selective abortion bans are based in racist myths.

An open letter from Texas reproductive justice activists opposing Stop Patriarchy’s “Abortion Freedom Ride” across Texas.

There was a late-term abortion on The Fosters this week.

2 out of 3 homeless women in San Francisco have been abused.

Harassment at comic conventions is a big problem.

John Oliver uses puppets to explain that the US prison system a “a lot racist.”

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Chart of the Day: When does a woman owe you sex?

Apparently, there’s an emerging trend of dudes tracking when their partners refuse sex and whining about the “excuses” they use. Hoping to nip this one in the bud, Elizabeth Plank and Raquel Reichard put together a helpful chart to help you determine when a woman owes you sex:


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