New Favorite Tumblr: I Believe You, It’s Not Your Fault

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I Believe You | It’s Not Your Fault is a space for older folks to offer support to young people dealing with the bullshit of rape culture alone.

The site was started by Lindy West after a woman writer shared a story about a friend’s young daughter who was being sexually harassed at school but “had no adult in her life who’s even remotely versed in concepts like victim-blaming and slut-shaming and boundaries and consent.” She wanted some resources to give the girl that would drive home the message: I believe you. It’s not your fault.  Read More »

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The Satantic Temple uses Hobby Lobby ruling to claim religious exemption from anti-choice biased counseling laws

BlackHolesmembership_largeCiting the Hobby Lobby ruling, the Satanic Temple is claiming a religious exemption from the anti-choice “informed consent” laws that require abortion providers in 35 states to give out biased, sometimes false, information about the procedure.

Given that “the Supreme Court has decided that religious beliefs are so sacrosanct that they can even trump scientific fact,” the Temple says it expects its “deeply held belief” will be respected. After all, unlike Hobby Lobby’s, their belief is even based on actually accurate information.  Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Fast food workers are going to start using civil disobedience in their fight for a living wage.

Some good reads from Byron Hurt and Dave Zirin on the reaction to NFL-er Ray Rice’s domestic violence.

On tech’s gender problem.

The question should be, “Did she want to have sex?

The majority of female voters wouldn’t vote for a politician who supported the Hobby Lobby ruling.

Ten Native American tribes have legalized same-sex marriage.

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The US is locking up pregnant immigrants despite policy against it

According to official Immigration and Customs Enforcement guidelines, pregnant immigrants aren’t supposed to be detained except if they pose a public safety threat. ICE officials have claimed this is such a rare occurrence it’s not even worth asking about.  Read More »

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New Favorite Tumblr: Confused Cats Against Feminism

Depressed, disturbed, almost-but-not-quite-amused by the “Women Against Feminism” phenomenon and Tumblr? There’s an antidote for that: Confused Cats against Feminism.

Like many of the women featured on the Women Against Feminism Tumblr, these cats don’t seem to really get what feminism is. Here are some great ones. Upload your own images. I would. But I don’t have a cat. Plus I’m allergic.  Read More »

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