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Laverne Cox >>>>>>> Justin Bieber.

Speaking of which: the trailer for “Orange is the New Black,” Season 2, is out.

Sexual harassment of unpaid interns is no longer legal in New York.

Judge throws out B. Scott’s discrimination lawsuit against BET.

Florida man was kicked out of his rec basketball league after singing about his HIV status.

Janet Mock covers ELIXHER’s “Body Issue.”

Revenge porn isn’t protected speech.

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Cop testifies against woman he assaulted

(Transcript at DemocracyNow!)

This was a big week in the trial against Cecily McMillan. You may have heard about this case before: A cop grabbed the Occupier’s breast hard enough to leave a hand print and then shoved her strongly enough to leave her in a seizure for which she would be hospitalized. And she, not the police officer, is the one on trial. Read More »

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Your Daily Poem: Nikky Finney

Ed. note: For National Poetry Month, we’re highlighting one feminist poem each day in April. See the whole series here.

Today’s poem is ‘The Aureole’ by Nikky Finney. Read More »

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Update: Connecticut Department of Children & Families continues abuse of trans girl

We published a guest post on Monday from ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio about a crisis in Connecticut social services and imprisonment. Chase wrote about a trans girl failed by a series of institutions from childhood: Read More »

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Feministing Follow Friday: SAAM, Vol. III

Twitter, Feministing style

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and each week we’re highlighting five anti-violence advocates documenting their work on Twitter. Check out this week’s crew after the jump: Read More »

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