Your Daily Poem: Megan Falley

Ed. note: For National Poetry Month, we’re highlighting one feminist poem each day in April. See the whole series here.

Your daily poem is from Megan Falley.

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Tennessee could become the first state to criminalize pregnancy

Tell Gov Haslam to veto SB 1391Last week Tennessee passed legislation that would make drug use during a pregnancy a criminal offense. If the governor doesn’t veto it, the state would be allowed to investigate every miscarriage, stillbirth, and baby born with birth defects to try to determine if drugs played a role, turning any pregnant person into a potential suspect.

We’ve written extensively before about the growing criminalization of pregnancy, but Tennessee’s law is actually a first. While hundreds of women — mostly poor, young, Black women who used drugs — have been held criminally liable for the outcomes of their pregnancies under “fetal harm” laws, those laws were never actually intended to the be used that way. If Tennessee’s bill becomes law, it would be the first state in the country to explicitly criminalize harm due to drug use during pregnancy.  Read More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

the world's only girl hunting with a golden eagle

(Image via BBC)

Ummm, amazing.

“There is a nearly 1,200-mile-wide desert of abortion providers stretching from the western boarder of Idaho to the eastern boarders of North and South Dakota.”

Occupy protestor Cecily McMillan is facing seven years in prison after a cop violently grabbed her breast and she elbowed back.

On the confidence gap.

Phyllis Schlafly warns that if we close the pay gap, women would no longer be able to find husbands that earn more than them, and that would be the worst!

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Watch this father sing “Home” with his daughters and help fight for family reunification

Jorge Narvaez is a father of two who became a YouTube star a few years ago after he and his 6-year-old daughter, Alexa, sang a rendition of “Home” that went viral. Now, Narvaez is back with another version with both adorable daughters and is using using his platform to speak out about his mother, Esther Alvarado, who is being detained in Arizona after she was denied re-entry into the US.

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Chart of the Day: Blame US policies, not single mothers, for child poverty

Single mothers in the US are disproportionately likely to be poor — a fact that some like to point to explain why we have such god awful rates of child poverty. The US ranks 34 out of 35 developed countries in terms of number of children living in poverty, which should be a national scandal but isn’t. Conservatives — who like to wring their hands about the plight of single mothers without actually asking them what they need (like, maybe health insurance?) — think marriage is the magic bullet. The federal government has spent nearly one billion dollars since 2001 on marriage promotion — a colossal waste of money. Just recently, a Heritage Foundation panel said that if women would just get married, income inequality could be solved.

But Matt Bruenig at Demos recently looked at whether family composition can really account for the US’s high child poverty rates — and it really can’t. The poverty rates for children who live with single mothers in nations like Norway, Finland, and Sweden are similar to the US’s – until you add in all the taxes and safety net programs that those countries have and we do not. Then they drop dramatically. Read More »

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