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Good news: Today a judge struck down North Dakota’s 6-week abortion ban, the most restrictive abortion law in the country.

The Maya Rudolph Show” is coming to NBC on May 19, and it looks awesome.

Amanda Hess on the new trend of “feminist” self-help books that teach ambitious women how to be overconfident blowhards — just like men!

The New Yorker profiles playwright Annie Baker.

A new report on sexual violence in Egypt since the 2011 uprising.

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Photo of the Day: The WSJ’s all-dude tech conference

“This October, The Wall Street Journal’s senior editors will host the inaugural WSJDLive, a vibrant, international technology conference that brings together select global CEOs, leading thinkers and sought-after entrepreneurs – both established and emerging – to explore the most compelling tech opportunities around the world.”

And they will all be dudes

WSJD Live conference all male speakers

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“I learned that keeping players on the field was a priority.”

Jameis Winston

(Photo credit: Phil Sears/Associated Press)

If you want your head to explode with rage this afternoon, go read The New York Times in-depth report on the investigation — or rather, lack thereof — into the rape accusation against Florida State University football star Jameis Winston. As the Times reports — and then methodically and devastatingly documents — “there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university.” It will be one of the more infuriating things you read this month, I promise.

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Your Daily Poem: Megan Falley

Ed. note: For National Poetry Month, we’re highlighting one feminist poem each day in April. See the whole series here.

Your daily poem is from Megan Falley.

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