The Wednesday Weigh-In: Feminist Halloween Costumes Edition

A black and white cartoon portrays a little girl at a costume store faced with only "sexy nurse," "sexy secretary," and "sexy fairy" costumes. Next to her, a boy reaches for the "doctor" costume, right next to the "firefighter" outfit.

Happy October! Halloween is approaching quickly and for some, ’tis the season for racist, culturally appropriative costumes, or to make everyday objects into “sexy” costumes. But this year, let’s start early and generate some great feminist costume ideas! Read More »

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Photo of the Day: “I Only Date Heroes” pajamas for girls

Those new “Training to be Batman’s Wife” tees from DC Comics are hardly the only superhero gear to send the message that boys can be heroes, while the best girls can aspire to is dating them. A shopper at a Target in Ontario snapped a photo of this pair of onsies for kids: “Future Man of Steel” for the boys and “I Only Date Heroes” for the girls.

dateheroes 2

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7 topics for an HBO TV series on Brazil more original than “high end (white) sex workers”

Three white women pose in lingerie against a white background,

Translation: “El Negocio: The oldest profession in the world needs new strategies.” Image Credit

Earlier this month, HBO Latino announced an upcoming new series titled “El Negocio,” about three white women looking to revolutionize the sex work industry in Brazil, and the concept made me yawn.  Read More »

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Chart of the Day: States with the most abortion restrictions are the worst on women’s and children’s health

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.06.16 AM

I doubt any readers of Feministing have bought into the pseudo-feminist anti-choice rhetoric claiming that abortion restrictions are simply about “protecting women” and “patient safety.” After all, it’s obvious that preventing access to abortion is itself damaging–leading to everything from poorer health to a greater risk of domestic violence to, oh I dunno, getting thrown in jail.

But in case you needed more evidence that the politicians who are so deeply worried about dangers posed to women by the width of the doorways in abortion clinics don’t give two shits about women’s and children’s health otherwise, just take a look at this new report.

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet: Hyde Amendment Edition

hyde amendment 1976-thumb-250x352-8410Today is the 38th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from being used to pay for abortion except in the cases of rape, incest, or life-threatening situations. Read about why it’s long past time to end this unjust provision that hurts low-income people, and how young people have been hitting the road to overturn it. Check out a couple great pieces on the Community blog today too.

On the dangers of the new Tennessee law that criminalizes drug use during pregnancy.

Pediatricians recommend long-term, super-effective, hard-to-mess-up birth control options like the IUD and implant for teens.

Putting Emma Sulkowicz’s “Carry That Weight” performance piece into feminist art history context.

The US had a universal child care program once, during WWII.

According to a HuffPo analysis, students found responsible for sexual assault on college campuses were expelled in 30 percent of cases and suspended in 47 percent of cases.


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