“What you’re doing is attempting to limit my choices, and I don’t appreciate that.”

Phyllis Schlafly

Professional anti-feminist Phyllis Schlafly (Image via)

Phyllis Schlafly has made a long and successful career for herself by telling other women to get back in the kitchen. At this point, the fact that she’s been singing the same anti-feminist tune for decades — not to mention her apparently shameless hypocrisy — makes it a little hard to take her seriously anymore. So I couldn’t get too worked up when she wrote an op-ed last week claiming that closing the gender pay gap would prevent women from finding a “suitable mate.”

Thankfully, the youth of America don’t have such Schlafly fatigue. In an open letter, 12-year-old Madison Kimrey offers ”the perspective of one of the young women who will be taking over this country soon.” She uses a, um, fitting bra analogy (couldn’t resist) to let Schlafly know just how damaging her message is to the next generation. Read More »

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Happy Birthday Maya!

Maya and her sister blowing out the candles on a birthday cake when they were children.

Maya (r) with her sister Lisa (l).

Today is Maya’s birthday!

Maya Dusenbery is Feministing’s Executive Director of Editorial, which means she has the big responsibility of overseeing the content that goes up on this site every day. If you’ve noticed a major uptick in brilliant, well-edited thought pieces recently, and that shorter posts are extra snappy and powerful, that’s down to Maya’s leadership. Maya keeps the site compelling, relevant, and strong. She’s a wonderful editor to work with — the crew consistently comments that she gives feedback that makes our writing better while preserving the integrity of our voices. Maya, Lori Adelman, and myself stepped into leadership here at Feministing last August, and getting to work so closely with these two ladies is one of the great privileges of my life. Maya is a level-headed voice of wisdom who always keeps us moving forward in smart, thoughtful ways. Not to mention she’s a beast at getting ish done.  Read More »

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Feministing at 10: The media has become our feminist playground, so let’s play (to win)

Ed. note: In celebration of Feministing’s 10-year anniversary, current and former members of the Feministing crew will be offering their reflections on the changes of the last decade. Next up is Feministing co-founder Vanessa Valenti on online media-making. Read the whole series here. And consider giving us a birthday donation to ensure we’re around for another 10 years!

envelope and pen

How we contacted the media before the Internet.

When it comes to the media, we’re at an unprecedented time in history.

While we’re all so busy tweeting, posting, and consuming tons of information every day, it’s easy to forget just how much media has changed over the last decade. Ten years ago, blogs had just started to garner attention, but for the most part, the mainstream media was your news source. The relationship between readers and the media was very top-down; the media disseminated the news, and the public consumed it. And naturally, in result, whatever the media said largely shaped public opinion. (Problematic much?)

But over the course of the following years, the rise of blogs changed the meaning of media in a significant way. That top-down relationship became lateral. Readers became writers. News publications incorporated comments sections into their websites. The Internet essentially democratized the media, creating a massive dialogue between millions of individuals, sharing their thoughts on the world, and how it ought to be.

Feministing was lucky enough to be a part of this shift. One of the first moments that we began to recognize our influence was in 2007, when we posted a tip from a reader from North Carolina who found underwear being sold in the Junior’s Department of Wal-Mart that said, “Who needs credit cards…” on the front. After calling on our readers to contact their corporate offices, Fox News (out of all places) ran the story, and the underwear was pulled from Wal-Mart’s shelves.

Read More »

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Weekly Feminist Reader

Why are we sending so many women to prison?

The “evolution” behind Obama’s views on same-sex marriage.

Taking a critical eye to the leadership in LGBT organizations.

WTF of the week: many young girls think that sexual assault is the norm.

Dear political media: please be way less wrong about Hillary Clinton’s future grandchildRead More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Laverne Cox >>>>>>> Justin Bieber.

Speaking of which: the trailer for “Orange is the New Black,” Season 2, is out.

Sexual harassment of unpaid interns is no longer legal in New York.

Judge throws out B. Scott’s discrimination lawsuit against BET.

Florida man was kicked out of his rec basketball league after singing about his HIV status.

Janet Mock covers ELIXHER’s “Body Issue.”

Revenge porn isn’t protected speech.

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