Feministing Jamz: Jam of the week – Trigger by Maluca

our mudflap girl, jammin on her headphones

Maluca’s been featured in some of our previous Jamz posts, so you might have noticed that I’m a fan. It had been a bit since she’d put out new music, so when she released a teaser for Trigger this spring I anxiously awaited the full track (while listening to the tidbit provided over and over). Excited as I was to hear her perform it at a Brooklyn Pride party, I’d been itching for the full track until it was finally released in full on TuesdayRead More »

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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

How to talk about complicated things like governor’s races in a way the tiny young lady brains can understand? WEDDING DRESSES! This condescending bullshit brought to you by the College Republican National Committee’s one-million dollar effort to be “culturally relevant.”

A look at the Christian “manosphere.”

Breaking down the new figures on marriage rates by race.

Not The Onion: Iceland Announces ‘Men Only’ Feminist Conference.

Jeopardy’s “What Women Want” category was predictably sexist.

In Louisiana, survivors are billed hundreds of dollars for rape kits.

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The Wednesday Weigh-In: Feminist Halloween Costumes Edition

A black and white cartoon portrays a little girl at a costume store faced with only "sexy nurse," "sexy secretary," and "sexy fairy" costumes. Next to her, a boy reaches for the "doctor" costume, right next to the "firefighter" outfit.

Happy October! Halloween is approaching quickly and for some, ’tis the season for racist, culturally appropriative costumes, or to make everyday objects into “sexy” costumes. But this year, let’s start early and generate some great feminist costume ideas! Read More »

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Photo of the Day: “I Only Date Heroes” pajamas for girls

Those new “Training to be Batman’s Wife” tees from DC Comics are hardly the only superhero gear to send the message that boys can be heroes, while the best girls can aspire to is dating them. A shopper at a Target in Ontario snapped a photo of this pair of onsies for kids: “Future Man of Steel” for the boys and “I Only Date Heroes” for the girls.

dateheroes 2

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6 topics for an HBO TV series on Brazil more original than “high end (white) sex workers”

Three white women pose in lingerie against a white background,

Translation: “El Negocio: The oldest profession in the world needs new strategies.” Image Credit

Earlier this month, HBO Latino announced an upcoming new series titled “El Negocio,” about three white women looking to revolutionize the sex work industry in Brazil, and the concept made me yawn.  Read More »

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