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Tweet Ann’s gender-reversed parody: A response to Emily Yoffe. Breast cancer stigmas in Uganda. “When does an Academic become a Whore?” Spike Jonze and Her: Who are we writing out of the future? Apparently, women aren’t equal when it comes to corporate crime. “Oh that’s me. That’s us, that’s us, that’s me, thank God, that’s us.” [...]
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Halloween is around the corner, so of course this “naughty” toddler costume is being sold at Walmart

Tweet  We all know Halloween can bring out the worst in already terrible people, with its penchant for insensitive, sexist costumes, cultural appropriation and of course the phenomenon we will refer to as “Sexy Halloween“. But I had hoped we were still too far out to start seeing signs of the Hallo-pocalypse, it being September and all. Not [...]
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How many women dressed up kinda like Karlie Kloss for Halloween?

TweetI don’t think there’s much need to explain the problems with Karlie Kloss’s “Native American headdress replica” and bikini ensemble at Victoria Secret’s recent fashion show. As Nika Mavrody wrote at The Fashion Spot: The headdress as fashion accessory relies on and reinforces stereotypes of Native Americans, a minority culture and race… I don’t know [...]
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Favourite new tumblr: Fuck No Sexist Halloween Costumes

TweetUgh, it’s that time of year again. That time when people who you think are normal and sensible and great suddenly morph, not into monsters or ghouls, but into walking talking demonstrations of sexism, racism, and cultural appropriation. It’s Halloween. Via Sociological Images, check out the new blog Fuck No Sexist Halloween Costumes, which compares [...]
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Halloween brings out the worst in horrible people

TweetHalloween may be a cringe-worthy time of year, but it can also reveal people’s true colors. The folks at the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List, for instance, carved up this jack-o-lantern yesterday. If there’s a more terrifying Halloween nightmare than having your womb occupied against your will by a fetus with an oddly large hand, [...]
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