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Student kicked out of her prom for wearing pants

TweetAh, the prom. That awkward night of teenagers dressing up and pretending to be adults remains one of our most long-standing and universal rites of passage. As such, it often seems to reveal a lot about how far we have — and haven’t — come in breaking down traditional norms around gender and sexuality. For every [...]
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The Olympic Games are obsessed with policing femininity

TweetThe International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has planted itself firmly at the intersection of gender policing and colonialism. The Star recently published a fascinating and infuriating article by Stephanie Findlay about the policing of femininity in preparation for the Games being held this summer in London. Remember all the sturm und drang around Caster Semenya? The IAAF has [...]
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Quick Hit: Awesome big brother stands up against gender policing

TweetVia Shakesville comes this really sweet story. Two brothers were happily shopping for a video game with a female character and a “girl color controller” for the younger one–and then dad got all gender police-y. The boys had been taking awhile, so their father eventually comes in. He see’s the game, and the controller, and [...]
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Hillary Sexism Watch: Tim Gunn says she dresses like she’s “confused about her gender”

TweetThis shit might be why women don’t run for office nearly enough. Tim Gunn and George Lopez have a few laughs about Hillary Clinton’s fashion choices. Oh the lolz! Gunn referred bitingly to her “Jersey Shore style,” and Lopez compared her prints to No Bugs M’Lady. It got worse. After paying lip service to Clinton’s [...]
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Student cut from high school football team for wearing pink cleats

TweetCoy Sheppard, a Mississippi high school student, has filed suit against his school district after he was kicked off the football team for wearing pink cleats. Seriously. Oh, and the cleats were given to Sheppard by his great-grandmother and worn in honor of her and Sheppard’s grandmother, both cancer survivors, as part of Breast Cancer [...]
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