Caster Semenya allowed to compete again

Almost a year after South African runner Caster Semenya became an international headline, the IAAF has announced she will be allowed to compete once again.
Her participation was called into question by the IAAF, an international sport’s governing body, who subjected Semenya to an array of “gender testing.” This was not the first time a female athlete had been subjected to these tests–ranging from genital checks to chromosomal typing and hormone evaluations.
I’m glad Caster will be allowed to compete once again, but this ruling by no means clears up the underlying issues at hand with gender based sports.
I’ve argued before that the gender binary is not as black and white as our society would make it seem. This point, in my opinion, is further elucidated when someone tries to “prove” gender. There are wide variations that exist, which poke holes at our attempts to simplify everyone into an either or category.
What does that mean for gendered sports? I can’t pretend to have the answer to that question, or the myriad others that are brought up by the fact that our society is still fundamentally organized around these gender categories.
One thing is clear though. No one should be subjected to what Caster had to endure, especially not on the international media stage.

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