California high school elects gay male prom queen

Sergio Garcia, an 18 year old student at Fairfax High school in Los Angeles was elected Prom Queen last week.
From the LA Times:

Garcia, 18, spent most of his years at Fairfax openly gay and wanted to be part of the Los Angeles school’s prom court — but not as prom king. He felt that vying for prom queen would better suit his personality, so he decided to seek that crown, running against a handful of female classmates.

While the reporting about Garcia makes it seem that his bid was somewhat of a joke, I take his statement, “I see myself as a boy with a different personality. . . . I don’t wish to be a girl; I just wish to be myself,” to heart. It’s these nuances that really begin to break apart our understandings of the categories male and female as rigid and in opposition to one another.
Also, I never thought I would see this phrase in a mainstream newspaper:

“I think that indicates where our society is right now. That the young people, they are not involved in this whole argument about gay rights. They think this whole fight is silly. They just accept people for who they are,” Uribe said. “Gender-bending is just kind of in,” she said.

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