Anti-Feminist Mailbag: Less is More Edition

This just in.

Men > Women.
Men are simply better at everything.
Oh yeah, one last thing: there is no large scale, man-driven absurd conspiracy against women. You’re just stupid. Wake up.
-A Man

Hey A Man, tell us what you really think! I am not sure if I can ever debunk such a well articulated message.

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  • Comrade Kevin

    Men = Women.
    No one is better than anyone else at anything. Nothing is quite as vague as the sentence that came before this one.
    Oh yeah, one last thing: there is no large scale, woman-driven absurd conspiracy against men. It is unfortunate that you believe otherwise.
    -A Man (Feminist)

  • Chelsa

    I hate to go straight for the obvious, but I’ve never seen a guy deliver a baby… and that’s definitely within the realm of “everything”.
    Silly boys.
    (Chelsa, stop feeding the trolls!)

  • Caro13

    I am forever awed by the all the emails that you and other feminist blogs get that essentially boil down to, “I am a sexist man who is threatened by your attempts to fight male privilege and create equality… but there is no widespread sexism or entrenched patriarchy in our culture! You are delusional!”

  • stabbygail

    there is no large scale, man-driven absurd conspiracy against women.
    So you admit that the conspiracy is quite serious. A-HA!

  • MLEmac28

    I’m sure this guy posts on 4chan and thinks he is the funniest person alive.

  • DireSloth

    Ah, I missed these. The AF Mail is always good for a roffle XD

  • Marc

    Wow, the first troll who can spell quite decently. Though he did miss a period.
    Sometimes I wonder if the writers of the Colbert Report are behind all the hate mail you receive. That’s the only logical explanation.

  • 73666673

    “Men = Women. No one is better than anyone else at anything.”
    That’s silly, men ? women. The best male athletes are much stronger and faster than the best female athletes. Women give birth, men do not, so in a sense you could say women are “better” at giving birth than men, since men can’t do it all.
    You can argue about other differences that exist, but those two are straight forward and are self evident.
    Neither gender is superior to each other, but each is unique and different and we shouldn’t ignore that.

  • open_sketch

    Wait wait, I just have to ask… do you mean to imply that the people sending these letters are doing so as satire, or that the Colbert Report writers are serious?

  • Kim C.

    Premise: Men are better than women at everything.
    Premise: “Everything” includes being total jackasses.
    Conclusion: Men are better than women at being total jackasses.
    Not the idea I think you were going for.

  • jellyleelips

    Um… I hope you mean that the genders are different ON AVERAGE, and that individuals of each gender are very much the same.

  • ErikB

    “there is no large scale, man-driven absurd conspiracy against women. You’re just stupid. Wake up.”
    He’s right; it’s not absurd at all. It’s quite reasonable given the benefits he enjoys from male privilege. We should all wake up to this fact. I enjoyed this thoughtful statement from an obviously concerned male feminist.

  • ShyFoxie

    I am also perfectly fine with guys like this being better at making total asses of themselves.

  • Brittany

    “The best male athletes are much stronger and faster than the best female athletes”
    This is simply untrue, friend. Female athletes are faster and stronger then male athletes DEPENDING on the sport. Sprinting? Men, sure. Ski-jumping? Not so much.
    Also, men CAN give birth. You should Google “pregnant man”, lol.

  • Marc

    The former, of course. No one is that stupid, I don’t think.

  • Chelsa

    I meant to say cis-men. Mea culpa. Aplogies.

  • 73666673

    I’m talking about raw strength and raw speed, measured best by events like Olympic weight lifting and Olympic sprinting (100m). In this respect, men are much faster and stronger than women.

  • 73666673

    I mean on average as well as when looking at the best in a category, such as the aforementioned attributes of strength and speed. There are plenty of women who are stronger or faster than men, but the strongest or fastest man is going to be stronger or faster than the best woman in these areas.
    And, on average, men are bigger, stronger, and faster than women.

  • nella

    What does he even mean by that? Can he play classical piano and speak six languages like my grandmother? Or be one of the leading British biochemists of his generation like my great aunt? I dont know maybe he can. Whatever dude.

  • Vexing

    Well then they can stick to lifting heavy things and leave the thinking to the women :-D

  • Vexing

    He’s right; men are better at domestic violence, arson, pedophilia and whole host of shit.
    MEN WIN!

  • qtiger

    4chan is my secret unfeminist weakness.

  • Diana Landen

    This is a strange thing to say right now. Women are more successful in school and college. They are earning more degrees than men.

  • cmb

    stop feeding the trolls

  • Anonymous

    well, that guy just explains everything. My tiny lady brain is now full.

  • LurkinMerkin

    MY tiny lady brain can’t comprehend the entirety of the truth A Man just bestowed upon us, so I will have to go back to my silly feminist ways. I’m just too inferior to understand that I’m supposed to be inferior.

  • CaroJ

    So, you think that being bigger and stronger means being “better”? Rubbish….

  • Toongrrl

    Oh, my tiny girl brain can’t compensate for anything, even if I was Honor Roll throughout middle school and graduated a semester early in high school!!!!