Anti-feminist Mailbag: Whoremonger Edition

It’s been a little while since we shared some of our daily dose of anti-feminist upchuck, so I thought I’d throw a few your way.
The first is just an inquiry, really:

How goes the victim industry? Expressed lots of seething hatred and rage about males lately?

Thanks for asking, pal. The victim industry is booming thanks to the even more profligate perpetrator industry. If only we could figure out your Gobstopper recipe and take you down.
Another gem:

I read your article on the Stud/Slut theory. I find it to be a little flawed. I’m a male, and if there’s a “male slut” we call him a “manwhore”. Maybe you should look across the spectrum because religious individuals, such as Christians, don’t split hairs with gender. If you’re promiscuous you’re a whoremonger. There ya go.

Oh, that article? Yeah, we were hoping that you would break it down for us mister man. No doubt the answer to double standards is just to ostracize everyone’s sexuality. Guilt and shame always make for such great sex.
And this one comes from my own personal treasure trove of hate mail:

What did you major in, fisting?

I thought it was generous of this fella (who by the by, turns out to be a former candidate for Seattle city council) to believe I have the capacity to triple major–political science and sociology just weren’t enough for this sexual deviant. I got a summa cum laude in…okay, I’ll stop there. Too. many. jokes.

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  • DeafBrownTrash

    ok… for the 2nd hate comment– there’s the problem RIGHT THERE. The idiot who wrote that said that promiscuous males are called “man-whores.”
    sorry, buddy, but you just proved our point here. Why can’t a promiscuous male just be called a WHORE and not a “man-whore”? Because only women can be called WHORES, right?*
    *disclaimer– I’m not encouraging the name-calling toward any promiscuous people, female or male.

  • VickyinSeattle

    Wow, Courtney, could you tell me who this former candidate for Seattle City Council is?
    As you can tell by my user name, I live in Seattle. I also work on local policymaking. Right now, my guess is Joe Swaja, who had a DV charge against him.

  • Comrade Kevin

    Oh, we don’t split hairs with gender, eh? At which point did he decide to speak for all of us?

  • MishaKitty

    I totally realized that too DeafBrownTrash. I was reading the comment and was like “Notice that gender qualifier in there buddy? Doesn’t happen with the female whores, does it?”
    But again, as you said, not encouraging any sort of name-calling but just pointing out why his logic is even more flawed regardless.

  • cand86

    Oh my gosh, I would so major in fisting if that was a real option.

  • bifemmefatale

    Letter writer #2 isn’t even grammatically correct. “-monger” means “seller”, as in fishmonger, cheesemonger, etc., so a whoremonger is a pimp or madam, not a promiscuous person.

  • stabbygail

    I’m really sad that it’s too late for me to switch majors to fisting. It’s at least as useful as a degree in literature!

  • tooimpurenangel

    Mr. Manwhore kind of stuck his foot in his mouth there, huh?
    It’s the James Bond Syndrome all over again.

  • borrow_tunnel

    Yes, do tell! Why protect his anonymity?

  • anteup

    Actually, I think most of us majored in Ball Busting and MINORED in fisting.

  • VT Idealist

    No, no, not fisting. I have a PhD in horribleness!

  • asseenontv

    That’s just ridiculous. You almost always need a Master’s in fisting. And most undergrad programs do barely anything to prepare you for your Master’s.

  • allegra

    Hehe. At least they made me laugh by causing us to have blog post headings like “______: Whoremonger Edition.” How about … whoremongrel? Whoremageddon?
    I’ve got so much whoremongering to do when I’m done with this paper. Ugh.

  • Elizabeth

    I know it’s awful to receive all this hate mail, but I’m glad you publish some of it from time to time. It helps remind us that feminist blogging isn’t as easy as it looks. ;-)
    I expected to receive similar crap after starting a blog about menstruation. So far it hasn’t been a problem, although we do get some trolling in the comments – especially when we’ve written critiques of SNL’s “Classic ESPN Women’s Sports” skits. (It continues to amaze me how popular those little snippets of misogyny are – our blog receives a couple dozen search hits for them every day.)

  • leeraloo

    Interestingly enough, a (female) friend used the word “whore” in my presence the other day, and I gave her the usual talk about how the word “whore” isn’t exactly fair. I topped it off by asking how she would refer to a man who was sexually promiscuous, and she said she’d call him a “man-whore.” I really couldn’t think of a response then, because I was a little gobsmacked.
    But I just hope this isn’t becoming some sort of prevalent attitude, “We can use the word ‘whore’ now because there’s totally a male equivalent! So it’s fair!”

  • konkonsn

    “If only we could figure out your Gobstopper recipe and take you down.”
    Died laughing.

  • dawn_of_the_bread

    “What did you major in, fisting?”
    I thought that was pretty funny actually…