Anti-feminist Mailbag: Whoremonger Edition

It’s been a little while since we shared some of our daily dose of anti-feminist upchuck, so I thought I’d throw a few your way.
The first is just an inquiry, really:

How goes the victim industry? Expressed lots of seething hatred and rage about males lately?

Thanks for asking, pal. The victim industry is booming thanks to the even more profligate perpetrator industry. If only we could figure out your Gobstopper recipe and take you down.
Another gem:

I read your article on the Stud/Slut theory. I find it to be a little flawed. I’m a male, and if there’s a “male slut” we call him a “manwhore”. Maybe you should look across the spectrum because religious individuals, such as Christians, don’t split hairs with gender. If you’re promiscuous you’re a whoremonger. There ya go.

Oh, that article? Yeah, we were hoping that you would break it down for us mister man. No doubt the answer to double standards is just to ostracize everyone’s sexuality. Guilt and shame always make for such great sex.
And this one comes from my own personal treasure trove of hate mail:

What did you major in, fisting?

I thought it was generous of this fella (who by the by, turns out to be a former candidate for Seattle city council) to believe I have the capacity to triple major–political science and sociology just weren’t enough for this sexual deviant. I got a summa cum laude in…okay, I’ll stop there. Too. many. jokes.

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