Anti-feminist mailbag (anatomy lesson edition)

Amex not accepted.

Are vaginas shaped the way they are so you can slide a credit card through them?

You know it took him hours to think of that one. Also, it seems someone needs a closer look at a vagina.

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  • Foxfire

    So that’s where all the weird charges on my statement are coming from….

  • sgzax

    And are penises shaped the way they are so I can use them to hold pencils?

  • inFlagrante

    No, no, no… Vagina’s aren’t shaped to be credit card readers, vulva’s are. Geez, some people.

  • UltraMagnus

    Well, we know he’s 1) being totally flip and assholish and 2) either doesn’t believe or doesn’t understand evolution;).
    Also, does that mean that the asshole is shaped for those Mobil speed passes?

  • ouyangdan

    actually i am pretty sure ass hats like that need to stay far far away from vaginas.

  • Allytude

    … no actually vaginas are out doing wonderful things…

  • Peggy-ness

    No, but your butt crack is. Does it take Diners Club?

  • exelizabeth

    Do you know what a common thread seems to be with all this hate mail?
    None of these men have ever actually gotten laid.
    Gee, I wonder why.

  • anomrabbit

    No, but your butt crack is.
    — Peggy-ness
    Nelly did this in his “Tip Drill” music video. For serious. Much outrage followed.
    P.S.: I would have included a link but I couldn’t bring myself to actually watch the video.

  • Peggy-ness

    Nelly did this in his “Tip Drill” music video. For serious. Much outrage followed.
    I never would have known!

  • midevil

    How unfortunate, another dick that knows shit about the female body. I hope he uses Real Dolls instead.

  • Webbess

    I can’t believe evolutionary biologists haven’t considered this.
    Someone notify the Nobel Prize committee.

  • Wonky Muse

    Spoken like a man who’s never seen a real vagina since he came out of his momma’s.

  • Webbess

    ^ That post was made in sarcasm. For some bizarre reason the tags I wrote disappeared.

  • Heina

    Penises are obviously bestowed with erection powers to hold up towels.

  • Liza

    Clearly he hasn’t been near a vagina in some time. If he continues to act like that, he’ll probably never go near one again.

  • Peepers


  • nerdalert

    Why do woman-haters think that vaginas are like Swiss Army knives?
    It can whittle, open wine bottles, clean your teeth, magnify text, and file your nails in one sitting.

  • BeezNeez

    I wouldn’t believe someone could be that dumb, except I’ve seen plenty of “erotic drawings” by 15-year-old boys that shows women standing upright, legs together, pushing something in through the FRONT of the vulva. Because … as we all know … the vagina runs parallel to one’s belly-button.
    I’ve seen dozens and dozens of these … there are obviously a LOT of confused people out there–more so than this guy.
    Now I’m imagining him running his credit card through a woman’s vagina … and being unable to fish it back out. That would be … so … pointy. Ouch.

  • Andrea

    anomrabbit: This guy I used to date (and have since completely cut out of my life for many reasons) showed me the extended uncut video for “Tip Drill” just to see what I would think about it (???? as if he couldn’t guess). Of course, he was a misogynist piece of shit and was only showing it to me because he didn’t know how else to express his growing resentment at my ability to be self-confident and clever while simulaneously possessing a vagina. It’s the only thing I’ve ever seen that made me both cry AND throw up.

  • Feste

    Vaginas are shaped that way so that really tiny penises can’t injure them.

  • Shira

    More than once I’ve had conversations with “pro-life” men who believed, among other things, that A)Women pee out their vaginas and B)Women get “loose” from having too much sex because of ‘erosion.’ Christ on a cracker, just because we call pubic hair a bush doesn’t mean the thing it covers is a freaking hillside.
    In my experience, the less a man knows about female anatomy, the more likely he is to want to control it.

  • dananddanica

    Actually I bet you’d be amazed at how much people who send those kinds of emails know about the general appearance of female genitalia.
    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that credit card comment after friends or co-workers come back from a “gentlemans” club I could retire. Sadly though that is usually the extent of their knowledge.

  • AnnaSoror

    Hi Jessica,
    Can we have a weekly anti-feminist hate mail bag? This is too funny to just do once!

  • Jovan1984

    Well, AnnaSoror, I have something called Asshole of the Week and Asshole of the Month. (here are the most recent Assholes of the Week)
    On Christmas Day, I will name the 106 Biggest Assholes of the year.

  • TheSoyMilkConspiracy

    Next time you post a vagina diagram, hows about using one that actually labels the clit? It’s kind of important. Please and thank you.