Anti-feminist Mailbag (feminist babymaking edition)

As you all know, we get tons of charming email – one I got this weekend, for example was just “fuck you” copied and pasted three hundred or so times. (You at least have to give him credit for staying on message!) But it was this recent email that I really enjoyed from ellie8d:
Please don’t have children. The world already has too many hate filled people.
My husband always said, “Even the most beautiful woman becomes very ugly when she uses vulgar words.” I couldn’t agree more.

OMG. Are you calling me ‘beautiful’?! Swoon!
Seriously though, I love emails like these even more than our standard “fuck you cunt” messages because their authors seem to believe that they’re actually good people just passing on friendly advice. (As if sending a perfect stranger an email telling them not to procreate because they curse too much is a perfectly normal thing to do.)
If you’re out there, Ellie, I just want you to know that I’m going to start having unprotected sex – lots of it – just for you. Cheers!

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  • Jacob

    Oh how I love the “if you’re so tolerant, why don’t you tolerate my intolerance?” line of “reasoning.” Well shit, now you’re intolerant of my intolerance of your intolerance! We can go all day like this.

  • pepper

    you make a valid point, for a lady… what does your husband say?

  • pepper

    you mean jeebus didn’t get the memo to sear your mother’s womb shut for even considering an abortion??? wild.

  • Tenya

    It is a different world to say “excessive profanity makes a work appear juvenile and unprofessional” vs. “women shouldn’t cuss because it makes them less beautiful” – the first implies that anyone, male or female, should use less profanity because otherwise it will undermine the seriousness of their work. The latter implies that women should be constantly concerned about any action that will detract from their looks, because isn’t that really the most important thing to a woman? Calling a woman unprofessional or juvenile? Whatever. Calling her ugly? The insult! The horror!
    The icing on the cake is that Ellie had to attribute the attitude to her husband first, she is just agreeing with him here!

  • Gular

    Is that the new “What would Brian Boytano do”?

  • veronikoala

    As superficial as this may be, I am honestly thankful for these “so called ‘feminists'” you speak of. If they’re going to hop on a bandwagon, at least they’re hopping on this one. They’ll help us more than they hurt us, right?
    I, personally, believe that anyone willing to call her/himself a feminist is, indeed, a feminist.

  • veronikoala

    Her husband obviously told her she’s allowed to do this as long as it goes along with her beliefs.
    You know, she’s just lucky her husband lets her use the computer and send emails (although he probably reads them first to make sure she’s behaving like the wife he wants her to be).

  • veronikoala

    I actually meant HIS beliefs. She’s probably not allowed any of her own.

  • veronikoala

    I LOVE this comment. Can we please all start living our lives in order to please this woman’s husband? He’s obviously very important.

  • Ellen Marie-Frances

    You go girl!

  • virago

    That’s the problem! Ellie probably didn’t say “fuck me”. She probably said “get the fuck away from me”. Now the guy has to ban all swearing.

  • aleks

    See? Works every time.

  • Mishi

    My father told me not to curse because it was unladylike the other day. I told him that was sexist and he had the most puzzled look on his face…

  • Lily A

    In case you haven’t been reading other threads, “proud feminist” is a troll. Please do not feed.

  • Lily A