Anti-feminist Mailbag (feminist babymaking edition)

As you all know, we get tons of charming email – one I got this weekend, for example was just “fuck you” copied and pasted three hundred or so times. (You at least have to give him credit for staying on message!) But it was this recent email that I really enjoyed from ellie8d:
Please don’t have children. The world already has too many hate filled people.
My husband always said, “Even the most beautiful woman becomes very ugly when she uses vulgar words.” I couldn’t agree more.

OMG. Are you calling me ‘beautiful’?! Swoon!
Seriously though, I love emails like these even more than our standard “fuck you cunt” messages because their authors seem to believe that they’re actually good people just passing on friendly advice. (As if sending a perfect stranger an email telling them not to procreate because they curse too much is a perfectly normal thing to do.)
If you’re out there, Ellie, I just want you to know that I’m going to start having unprotected sex – lots of it – just for you. Cheers!

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