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A sternly worded letter to the ‘Kamikaze Caucus’ that caused this shutdown

TweetDear House Republicans, As we begin day three of the government shutdown, you and your colleagues, the “Kamikaze Caucus,” continue to hold America hostage. You are ideologues who have no desire to actually govern the country. Even fellow Republicans are calling your latest stunts “reckless and unnecessary” and millions of Americans are signing up for [...]
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Did Wendy Davis just hint at a run for Texas governor?

TweetThis would be the best news! On October 3rd, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis will announce her future plans.  The consensus is that she’s running for governor of Texas but until she officially announces we can only hope. Her run against the sitting and forgetful Governor Rick Perry would be an epic battle of fundraising [...]
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Chilling new ‘Stand Your Ground’ PSA reenacts the night Trayvon was killed

TweetThe Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has a new ad opposing so-called ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws that exist in 26 states.  The ad reenacts the night that Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman.  But for Zimmerman’s actions, Trayvon would be alive and laws like ‘Stand Your Ground’ give people the right to [...]
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Missouri lawmaker sues to personally exempt his family from the contraception mandate

TweetMissouri state Rep. Paul Wieland and his wife used to opt out coverage for contraception, sterilization, and abortion services in their state insurance plan. But under Obamacare, the plan is required to cover birth control and they can no longer do so. The Wiedlands have filed a lawsuit, saying their religious freedom is being violated and [...]
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Quote of the Day: “Whole women” need gas, not abortions

TweetJust eight percent of House Republicans are women and there are only four female Republican senators. And apparently, the GOP is starting to realize that this is not a great look for them in 2013. (Not that the Democrats have anywhere close to gender parity in Congress either.) As the National Journal reports, they’ve launched Project GROW (Growing Republican Opportunities [...]
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