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Our friends at the Center for Sex and Culture are running a Kickstarter to produce a catalog of safer sex posters aimed at the LGBT community since the 1980s.

Ah misdirected boycotts, the preferred political tactic of the very lazy. Conservatives are calling for a boycott of Ritz Crackers because Al Sharpton said “cracker” one time about 20 years ago.

A Baptist college has rescinded a woman’s admission and, adding insult to injury, accused her of “fraud” after they found out she’s trans.

Mormon officials turned 150 women away from an all-male conference.

How the shutdown impacts domestic violence services in DC.

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    As a long time fan of Feministing, I am so thrilled that you linked to news about Ordain Women’s action during LDS General Conference! I helped organize the event and we actually had about 200 attendees–many of whom are also loving that we made your cheat sheet!

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