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Sarah Silverman demonstrates how to make a rape joke

TweetOne of my favorite things about a lot of the feminist response to Daniel Tosh’s rape “joke” is the way it’s taken a nuanced approach to the issue instead of repeating the tired soundbite that no rape jokes are funny. As Maya said in the Weekly Feminist Reader: “If there’s one thing the Daniel Tosh [...]
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New Tumblr crush: “Is This Feminist?”

TweetSpoiler alert: The answer is almost always PROBLEMATIC. Doing science? Sorry. You’re “reinforcing a masculine-supremacist view of intelligence.” Reading? Nope. After all, “the Western canon is white and male-dominated.” Watching sports? Please, that’s a “sort of miniaturized warfare.” Yep, it’s hard being a marginally acceptable feminist full-time. But it’s still feminist to watch Friday Night [...]
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Quick Hit: Your Blackness Ain’t Like Mine

TweetIn response to Alice Randall’s unfortunately titled NYT editorial “Why Black Women Are Fat” Jamilah Lemieux has written a smart and hilarious rebuttal to the mainstream notion that all black people are the same: Why are Black women fat?Why are Black men in jail? Why can’t Black women find “good Black men?” Why did I [...]
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Humorless feminists

TweetSamhita, Vanessa, and I had a blast speaking at Tufts University on Monday. While we were there, a couple students introduced us to their Tumblr Humorless Feminists. It follows the basic concept of Tumblrs featuring mash up images, but with feminists. And it’s amazing: Yes. A few more of my favorites after the jump. Tweet
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Every sperm is sacred

TweetHaven’t you heard? Masturbating should also be a crime. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook If a fertilized egg is a human–then maybe sperm is too. Tweet
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