Fox News Coverage on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal

Shocked, shocked I say.


Via Pam, via StopBeck.

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  • Travis Mamone

    Fox News–Your #1 spot for racist/sexist/homophobic propaganda!

  • Marian

    I have heard this hateful argument so many times, but how is it a headline? How is that the principle meaning behind the repeal of DADT? And is there such a DOD report?

    My anger and frustration is just accentuated by the reality that gay troops are more likely than straight troops to be harassed and violated – in the shower or out of it. No matter what FOX news wants to imply.

    • MKE

      Agreed! It makes me so angry. They’re so outraged over this exaggerated fear of straight men possibly being harassed, and meanwhile women and LGBTQI people are ACTUALLY BEING HARASSED, ALL THE TIME. They had decades to jump on the anti-sexual-harassment train, but they didn’t. Now they’re making specious arguments about harassment to assert their anti-gay views. Infuriating!

  • nazza

    Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that homophobia is going on in here! Croupier: Remember our audience, Captain.

  • davenj

    Under DADT soldiers had to shower with homosexual peers, too. This is such a non-issue.

    Ugh. It’s annoying to see headlines like this, but the good news is that this is the death rattle of pro-DADT folks. The policy’s dead.

  • Amelia

    Yeah, lets get up in arms when (in someone’s homophobic imagination) guys get sexually harassed, but let’s not give a shit when it’s women getting (actual real life) harassed in the military.

    What blatant homophobic rubbish. How are they not ashamed of themselves with this shit?