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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet: SCOTUS Prop 8 hearing edition

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Flashback to 2009 for some musical Prop 8-hating.

SCOTUSblog predicts the Court’s June decision and analyzes Kennedy’s power.

The Atlantic Wire: “The Justices are Hedging.”

Check out the (now hours-old) live updates from The Lede.

Think Progress calls out the SCOTUS on its cowardice.

A timeline of politicians’ support for marriage equality.

The Onion weighs in on the case as well.

Californians regret passing Prop 8.

Same-sex marriage: 1. Sexual freedom: 0.

Why marriage is the wrong goal.

Revisit Hilton Al’s 2011 New Yorker article “Gay Marriage and Queer Life.”

As well as Jason Anthony’s piece in the Boston Review.

Same-sex marriage is a civil right, but not a strategy to achieve structural change.

Re-evaluating tradition in a time of social change.

Look beyond marriage.

You can read or listen to the whole oral argument here.

In other news:

Margaret Cho wrote a brilliant essay on tattoos, Korean spas, and her right to be naked.

On reporting rape as a sex worker.

Heroes and heroines in Nordic noir lit.

Rick Ross raps/brags about date rape.

Ford offers a terrible apology for ad featuring bound and gagged women in car trunk.

Obama will name Julia Pierson the new Secret Service director.

What the orange on the seder plate is really about.

Boston College students are demanding sexual health services.

Washington, DC

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