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Register for Girls for Gender Equity’s 10 year anniversary fundraiser with Anita Hill! We’re co-sponsoring it!

Check out these posters that celebrate Asian-American masculinity.

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton is not allowed to testify during a congressional hearing on a bill banning abortions in D.C. after 20 weeks. Sure, because it’s not like it’s an issue that affects her constituents or anything.

Dudes, stop slut-shaming Rihanna. She’s way cooler than all ya’ll, anyway.

Trying not to be hurt that Feministing didn’t get a shout-out on Randall Terry’s new website for “pro-life warriors.”

In NYC? Join the silent march to end Stop and Frisk on Father’s Day. Zerlina has the deets.

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    Just noting that it’s free to make an account on prolifewarriors.com, and there’s no waiting period before you can make posts. Go make your opinions known!

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    terry’s new website is kinda sad. there are about 50 posts total and several are from trolling pro-choicers.

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