Anita Hill joins GGE to celebrate 10 years of women and girls’ leadership

Feministing is honored to be a co-sponsor for Girls for Gender Equity’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebration on June 14th when the grassroots, NYC-based organization will be honoring Anita Hill and recognizing the last decade of community work to improve the lives and leadership of girls and women of color.

If you don’t know about GGE, you really, really should; Joanne Smith founded the organization 10 years ago and has been implementing critical programs for girls (and boys) into communities throughout New York City since. In addition, they reached beyond their local organizing by sharing their organizing tools for fighting sexual harassment in schools and on the streets in their book, “Hey Shorty!”  Joanne also managed to tell off Jason Jones at The Daily Show.

But seriously, this local, on-the-ground work has directly affected the lives of thousands of youth in New York. Full disclosure, GGE was also the first organization I worked for out of  grad school as their Sports Program coordinator; being a part of an organization just so dedicated to making lasting change in young people’s lives was quite an incredible experience.

Let’s make the next decade even better for GGE and its communities. As co-sponsors, Feministing is making it our goal to sell at least 10 tickets for this awesome event — just 10 tickets for 10 years of meaningful work that will continue to support this organization. (And you’ll get to meet Anita Hill to boot!) So buy tickets; tell your friends; support the local grassroots youth organizing that’s making a real and tangible impact on the communities they touch.

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