Memo to Robert Ehrlich: We already know Romney’s “real views”

Oh, puhlease. Think Progress caught this interview last night on CNN where Robert Ehrlich, Mitt Romney’s Maryland campaign chair, was asked about Romney’s “women problem” with the polls (in short, the majority of them don’t vote for him), to which he responded that Democrats are using Santorum’s verbage to confuse voters with Romney, adding:

When you have the one-on-one general election, and they see again and are reminded of, Governor Romney’s real views, that gender gap will dissipate rather quickly.

Aside from the fact that he’s basically saying that Democrats are liars and women are too clueless to know Romney’s “real views” on issues they care about, it’s no news that Romney is anti-choice, anti-family planning, anti-single motherhood and generally pretty dismissive altogether when it comes to the demographic. Like Jessica said on the Melissa Harris Perry show this weekend (woot Jess!), there’s really no way back from the hole he’s dug himself.

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