Book alleges that Romney pressured single mom to give up baby

As if we needed any more proof that Mitt Romney, irrespective of his front-runner status, is a tool.

According to a passage from a forthcoming book, “The Real Romney,” while serving as bishop of a Mormon congregation near Boston in the early 80’s, Romney once threatened to excommunicate a young single mother if she did not give her soon-to-be-born son up for adoption.

From Buzzfeed:

Peggie Hayes had converted to Mormonism as a teenager along with her family, and told the book’s authors, Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, that for a long time she found comfort in the faith’s teachings. After returning to the congregation as a 23-year-old divorced single mother, she soon got pregnant with a second child. Knowing she was in need of financial assistance, the Romneys arranged for her to do odd jobs for members of the congregation.

“Mitt was really good to us,” Hayes told the authors. “He did a lot for us.”

But while Hayes considered Romney a friend, he was also her bishop—which meant it was his job to pass along sometimes-harsh church counsel. The tension between the two relationships came to the forefront one day when he came over to her apartment, and encouraged her to turn her son over to the church’s adoption agency when he was born. (The church’s position is that if a happy marriage between parents of a newborn seems unlikely, adoption is preferable to single parenting.)

Hayes was offended by the suggestion, and told Romney she would never give up her son. But, according to Hayes, Romney told her, “Well, this is what the church wants you to do, and if you don’t, then you could be excommunicated for failing to follow the leadership of the church.”

I mean, seriously. First, he’s not sure about contraception. And now this. Regardless of whether this is fully accurate, and given the path he’s on, if Romney makes it to the general election, he’s going to have to do some serious work to convince any women at all to vote for him.

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  • blueeyes90

    What a fucking asshole! I don’t care if he changes his views again, I am NEVER voting for him!

  • Katie Doyle

    It’s very interesting that Romney isn’t “sure about contraception,” yet seemed to be completely comfortable telling a young woman to give up her baby because such an act would be in accordance with Mormon doctrine.

    Having many Mormon friends who have already married (though we are still in college and are unemployed…), it has been made clear to me that the church recognizes that married couples feel physical attraction and that families should be carefully planned out. Contraception is certainly allowed within LDS marriages.

    It seems, then, that Romney is just adopting the puritanical beliefs of other republicans; i.e. if you don’t want babies, don’t have sex, etc. Or, in the case of Peggie Hayes, he seems to exhibit a Rick Santorum-esque ideology that single mothers drain our government’s money and just need a husband, for crissake.

    The Republican race makes me so embarrassed.