Meghan McCain: “Pro Life” AND Scared Sh*tless of Vaginal Probing

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The vaginal probing bill should scare everyone and anyone who opposes, well, rape. Sadly, there are some out there, at least in Virginia, who vote for rape. And there are some politicians, at least in Virginia, who say they will actually implement rape. The extreme right likes to pretend that it isn’t extreme, that it represents the mainstream, and that the only people who are against personhood, vaginal probing, and putting aspirin between your knees as a contraceptive are Marxist Feminazis.

Of course, my being against personhood, vaginal probing and aspirin as birth control may actually strengthen their point.

But  ”pro life” Republican Meghan McCain’s  fear of the current misogynist trend among Republicans reminds us that the invasive vaginaphobes are the real extremists.

Yesterday, McCain went on the Maddow show and said:

“I’m pro-life. I’m not pro-vaginal probing. I feel like I have to go on television and delineate between the two things. I’m horrified by the bill as a woman, as a Republican woman, I’m horrified. It scares me that this can go on, it scares me that a woman can be vaginally probed without consent or a doctor’s consent…. Vaginal probing is something that I’ve had friends text me about ‘What does this mean. I’m not into politics but what does this say?’ This is something that will penetrate [no pun intended, I assume] beyond politics….”

She then added that as a woman, “the idea of this regressing back to the 1950s and entering Pleasantville is quite daunting.” I may not agree with Meghan McCain on abortion, or on taxes, or on anything else really (with the exception of marriage equality), but it’s important to see that these extremists are not only extremists, but seen as extremists by people in their own party and even their own “pro-life” camp.

And McCain predicts that this extremism is politically toxic:

And I think this is completely radioactive for Governor  McDonnell and I don’t know why he would go in any forum and say that he would pass it. will alienate almost every single woman possible, especially independents, if he becomes the vice-presidential nominee And I do think it will make him a toxic candidate and apparently end his long dream of being a vice-president.

And it looks like McCain is right. The Virginia Assembly again delayed on the vote ultrasound sensing that it is too draconian to pass. And Governor Mcdonnell  who had previously expressed unconditional support for the bill, promising to sign it once it got to his desk, is no longer so enthusiastic. The House is set to debate the bill some time today. It will be streamed here.

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    To me this execrable vaginal probing bill pretty much highlights the connection I’ve seen in my mind all along: both rape and the anti-choice movement are about taking agency away from someone over what happens with their body, imposing someone else’s will on to your own being. She may want to delineate her anti-choiceness from her peer’s anti-choiceness, but I can’t see this as anything but the anti-choice agenda taken to it’s extreme Atwood dystopia-like conclusion.

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    I agree with everything said by feministing writers about the bill. However, the idea that this bill is some kind of a “return” to some sort of past values is, in my opinion, just not true — its a whole new low. Not to discount that there was an extremely oppressive regime in place against women in previous eras in this country, but the fact is that as far as medical rape, assault and surgery without consent is involved, I think we have reached a new low as of the present day. I may be romanticizing the past, but from talking to older women I feel that at least some women enjoyed an idea (perhaps rooted in the notion they belonged to other men, but still) that they should not be violated by the government and doctors against their will. The modern day fetus-against-mother rights movement takes any sort of human dignity of women totally away in a way I think never has existed in human society before.

    Keep in mind, ladies, that even Roe only recognizes the right to an abortion to a woman AND HER DOCTOR to choose abortion. It should come as no surprise that people thought the idea of forced medical penetration would be A-OK with people. I am surprised and overjoyed that it was not OK to young feminists.

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