A pro-choice cover of “Call Me Maybe” takes on Virginia’s attempt to shut down its abortion clinics

I know, I know. You thought the “Call Me Maybe” cover trend was blessedly over. But I’m the only person in the world who actually isn’t sick of the song yet. And a group called Cooch Watch 2012 has an important message for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli–which all anti-choice lawmakers could stand to hear.

“I’ve never met you and this is shady.” Indeed.

Cuccinelli has been nothing if not persistent in his attempt to shut down Virginia’s 23 abortion clinics. A few months ago the health board voted to exempt all of the existing clinics from onerous new TRAP regulations that could force most, if not all, of them to close. But Cuccinelli said the board didn’t go far enough and ordered them to reconsider at a meeting next month.

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    I love this too much

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    Can this be an anthem? Because I really feel like going to the Virginia capitol, and bursting out with “I’ve never met you! And this is shady. It’s my vagina! So hands off crazy!”

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    I’m really not okay with the word “crazy” being used as a pejorative here. I don’t care what the intention was, it’s ableist.

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      Fair enough. I agree, and we do our best to not use “crazy” in our own writing here at Feministing. I went back and forth on posting this for that reason, but ultimately I allowed it because it’s the word that’s used in the original song being parodied.

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      You might enjoy my response over on the Community blog. It takes issue with the ableism and the cissexism — which both bothered me as well. (But it does run the same earworm risk of any Call Me Maybe parody. So viewer discretion advised. ;) )

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