What every woman should know about CPCs (in handy cartoon form)

Check out this awesome graphic report on crisis pregnancy centers by Susie Cagle. Her description? “Fertile-looking lay person + pregnancy tests + Bush-era abstinence brochures + comfy chairs + lots of calendars +ultrasound machine + nurse = CPC!”

What Every Woman Should Know

Cagle went undercover at one CPC in San Francisco, First Resort, to get a first-hand taste of how they use “kindness, comfort, and misinformation” to push their anti-choice agenda. Happily, San Francisco is pushing for a bill to require truth-in-advertising from CPCs in the city.

But, as the battle over similar laws in New York City and Baltimore continues in the courts, raising public awareness of CPCs is just as important. As organizations that fundamentally rely on deception to get women in the door, CPCs may find their waiting rooms pretty empty if everyone gets hip to their tricks.

So go read Cagle’s report and spread the word.

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  1. Posted September 18, 2011 at 7:35 pm | Permalink

    What exactly does “fertile-looking” mean? Young? Ovulating?

    I’m fertile a lot of the time and I’d hope no one would ever use that to describe me in my chosen professional setting, regardless of how right or wrong my motivations for my work are.

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