A Look at Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Check out RH Reality Check’s new video on the Feminist Majority Foundation’s campaign to expose crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which include accounts of students who have been duped into thinking they’re at a family planning clinic only to find themselves being told that abortion may cause breast cancer and “boys don’t need to know how to put on condoms.”

Our Reality: A Look at Crisis Pregnancy Centers from RH Reality Check on Vimeo.

Via Broadsheet.

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  • Siby

    I see the “Pregnant? Scared? You have options.” ads EVERYWHERE in my (conservative) area. I went to the “Care net” website for my area and its just so ridiculous.. Under “What are your options?” they have three sections- abortion, parenting, and adoption. The abortion section is filled with misinformation and lies, and the other two sections are completely empty (it says “under construction” for them, and it’s been like that for a LONG time). It seems that they’re concerned only in the women not getting abortions, they don’t give a damn about what happens to the women or the already born babies after wards.

  • uberhausfrau

    does anyone really think those pregnancy centers are for real?
    ive gone to several over the years when i didnt want to spend money on a preg. test, knew what i was getting into and, if i recall, all had some disclosure about not being a medical center/being staffed by non-medical personal.
    and personally, i would like to see a pro-choice/feminist “crisis” center where women might be able to get some support and supplies if they continue their pregnancies. im not really aware of any that arent religiously or governmentally affiliated.

  • Mollie

    OMG OMG OMG I WAS THERE. Amazing conference. For the record.
    There is a CPC in my hometown. Some CPCs are very cleverly disguised and some are just not. It’s dangerous, disgusting, a waste of money, and, above all, sexist.

  • Julia

    Don’t these idiots know that it takes a vagina AND a penis to get pregnant?

  • Toni

    If I was there and they said that “pre-marital sex ruins your relationship with god” I would respond with “I’m an atheist.” I wonder how they would would reply. Something tells me that the term “devil worshipper” would come up.

  • loraxaeon

    I live in Illinois and they fund these centers, aswell as abstinence only sex education. The company that makes the abstinence “workbooks” is about five minutes from house. I already had to deal with these people in high school (I ended up walking out of class after arguing with Scott Phelps for fifteen minutes when he came and spoke), and I’m amazed it’s still going on. What can I do to fix my state and not have my friends brothers and sisters be required to complete an abstinence education course to graduate from high school?

  • Interior_League

    Atheists are like
    people who don’t own TVs:
    have to let you know.