Breaking: New York City Council Passes Anti-CPC Legislation!

ad for a CPC, with pictures of sad-looking women and text asking if you are scared or pregnant

Pregnant? Confused? Need help?

Well, I’ve got some awesome news for you! Now, creepy and misleading ads like the one above, with little information about which services will be provided to the women they target, won’t as easily be able to fool and trick you anymore!

Remember when we told you about that hearing in NYC to consider legislation that would regulate crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in New York City?

Well, today, just a few months later, all that advocacy has paid off, as New York City just passed that very legislation by an overwhelming vote of 39-9-1. From now on, CPC’s in NYC will be regulated to prevent them from lying or misrepresenting themselves to women.

They will be required to disclose whether they have a licensed medical provider, and also say whether they’ll refer women to other services, including emergency contraception and abortion.

This is amazing news, since, as yall know, these centers use false information, lies, and scare tactics to intimidate women out of accessing the care they want and need.

Huge thanks go out to city council member Christine Quinn and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who both backed the bill, as well as the countless advocates who showed their support for this cause from the beginning.

And for more information, check out this excellent report by NARAL on the deceptive practices of CPCs.

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  1. Posted March 4, 2011 at 2:33 am | Permalink

    So glad they can’t put up those lying ads on the subways anymore! My sharpies kept going dry.

    (Uhhh…I mean…vandalism is bad kids. Just say no or something.)

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