More Gender Policing for Shiloh from Life & Style Magazine


After receiving some backlash (plus a response from Angelina Jolie herself) for gender policing celebrity child Shiloh Jolie-Pitts, it looks like Life & Style Magazine wanted to follow up for more attention by implying that Angelina Jolie is the one gender policing her child — to wear boy’s clothes.

And what is the proof behind Shiloh being manipulated? Her outfits are too well put together so she obviously doesn’t dress herself  (you know, like most 4-year olds do). After all, Jolie must be the only person in the world who dresses her child herself — and certainly the only one to possibly dress her kid in clothes she may not like (although Jolie’s says the opposite: that she’s simply allowing Shiloh’s own self-expression).

The fact of the matter is no one would give a shit if Jolie was “making” her kid wear tutus and sundresses — since that’s “normal” and all. Pants on a little girl? For shame! Short hair? What little girl would want that! Tell Life & Style to get the fuck over it and quit gender policing a 4-year old before she’s permanently harmed by their manipulative bullshit.

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