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Handy charts on women in the Olympics

TweetCompletely loving these charts at Mother Jones of just how incredible the US lady Olympians are. Check ‘em all out here.  Tweet
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Why Paul Ryan is bad news for women (and everyone else)

Tweet As you all know, Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential pick on Saturday morning. And as most of you probably know, he’s kind of a terrible person. His infamous budget plan would decimate safety net programs for the poorest Americans, he pretty much believes that climate change is a conspiracy theory, and is a [...]
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80% of 10-year-old girls in the U.S. say they’ve been on a diet

TweetTell me there’s not something seriously fucking wrong with this fact. This is just one of many that have compelled Miss Representation, SPARK, Endangered Bodies and other organizations to host a 3-day long challenge to encourage the public to push women’s and girl’s magazines to take accountability for their direct impact on the epidemic of [...]
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Obama campaign’s “Life of Julia” and GOP outrage further exposes why they’re losing women’s votes

Tweet In case you missed it, Obama’s presidential campaign released a new website yesterday, The Life of Julia, that draws comparisons between what an American middle class woman’s life would look like under a Romney administration compared to Obama. While on it’s head, the idea of using one (white, cisgender) fictional character to represent the [...]
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A New Day in Politics: Complicated conversations about Muslim women’s rights

TweetI have been heartened by the substantive conversation happening in thought leadership publications about the plight of women in predominantly Arab and Muslim nations. Referring to Muslim women as people with desires, agency, needs and destinies is a new direction in how “the West” has ever talked about the real lives of women within these cultural contexts. [...]
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