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Death, taxes, heartbreak

TweetI got my heart broken last week. Badly. Worse than it’s ever been broken in my admittedly short life. I’m not even really sure how I’m writing this, because I’ve spent the week in a fog of tears and panic and anguish and shock. I’ve barely been functional, I’ve barely been coherent. The morning after [...]
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A few thoughts on the nature of feminist lovin’

Tweet As much as I resist a commercialized expression of love, I can’t resist an opportunity to reflect on the nature of it. Valentine’s seems like a bit of a provocation, eliciting my feminist commitment to reclaim and reframe all those hearts, roses, and tired cliches in favor of a radical, conscious, and liberatory love. [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: A Strange Stirring

TweetA book about a book. It’s a funny concept, but one that actually works quite powerfully in Stephanie Coontz’s new A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s. Coontz, the much-celebrated author of Marriage: A History, looks at the effect that Betty Friedan’s notorious tome had on a [...]
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Cracking down on the dangers of online dating

TweetThe NYT reports that the growing online dating scene isn’t without risk, and the private and public sector are starting to take notice: For a small fee, a nascent crop of companies wants to help you find out by running background checks on the potential flames you encounter on Match.com, eHarmony or any of the [...]
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“Girls Shouldn’t Have Ideas.”

TweetAmplify Your Voice has released its second video of its web series exposing the ridiculousness of abstinence-only programs. It’s latest? “Girls Shouldn’t Have Ideas.” I like this one in particular because it’s a reminder that these programs aren’t just teaching teens misinformation about sex, but also pushing fucked up power dynamics in relationships. (In this [...]
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