Amplify Your Voice launches video series on abstinence-only programs

This is just so bad-ass, I can hardly contain my glee. The folks at Amplify Your Voice have taken it upon themselves to put together their own web video series using Xtranormal to expose the ridiculousness of abstinence-only programs. Here is their first of hopefully many with a FTW title: “Drink the Spit.”

Transcript after the jump

Bear 1: What did you learn in abstinence-only class today?

Bear 2: First the teacher passed around a rose and had us each take off a petal. Then she said the rose was now like someone who has had sex before marriage. They lose their beauty and value.

B1: Hmm. Well that is a little troubling.

B2: Then she told us that having sex is like reaching into a bag of candy where some of it has been chewed and spit back into the bag. Who would ever want used candy?

B1: Really? Someone who has had sex is the same as partially chewed and spit out candy?

B2: That is what we learned. Then she told us to imagine a really gross toothbrush that a lot of people have used. If you have sex, you’re the toothbrush.

B1: That is awful.

B2: The next thing is the speaker gave me a sign that said virgin. Then she had everyone spit in a cup. She passed me the cup.

B1: No please don’t say it.

B2: Then she asked me to drink the spit.

B1: No no no, why, why would anyone do this.

B2: She said that is what losing your virginity is like.

B1: Like drinking a cup of other people’s spit?

B2: Yes.

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