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Guess which conservative says Hillary Clinton is unbeatable

TweetWe’ve probably all heard or said that Hillary Clinton would be a great candidate for president. And certainly, Democrats and strategists from Nancy Pelosi to Kirsten Gillibrand to David Plouff to James Carville are urging her to run or say she would make a great candidate. It’s not often we hear this kind of talk [...]
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Newt Gingrich advises women upset about GOP’s rape comments to just “get over it”

TweetWere you one of the many people outraged to hear Richard Mourdock say he opposes abortion in cases of rape because “it’s something God intended”? Are you tired of regularly hearing conservative politicians–from Todd Akin to Roger Rivard–make awful statements downplaying rape? Pissed that this trend, though certainly not new, really seems to be a [...]
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Gingrich drops out, nation awakes from months-long fever dream

TweetRemember that puzzling dream you had about a guy who ran for the GOP nomination having resigned under a cloud of scandal in the 1990s? Remember how that candidate from your dream was the opposite of a dream candidate – anti-gay, pro-racist dog whistles, anti-welfare, and pro-moon colony? And remember how the dream seemed to [...]
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The (un)likely triumph of Newt

TweetWith a little over 40% of the vote, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary. Beating expected frontrunner Mitt Romney (who took 27.8% of the vote), Gingrich confounded expectations even amidst scrutiny and scandal about the discrepancy between his “family values” rhetoric and his own inter -(and intra-) marital infidelities. [...]
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Quick Hit: Newt Gingrich tells gay voter to vote for Obama

TweetWell, at least he’s being open with his bigotry: Scott Arnold is an associate professor of writing at William Penn University. He is also gay. And today, he approached Newt Gingrich at an event in Oskaloosa, Iowa, where he asked the former Speaker whether he’s earned the support of gay Americans. The Des Moines Register’s [...]
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