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Jewish mothers lobby for right to nag all their kids about getting married

TweetEven the gay ones. This lovely ad from New Yorkers United for Marriage stars the Blumenthals, a New York couple who have one straight son, who is married, and one gay son, who is not legally allowed to get married. And the Blumenthals want to change this. Because Jewish mothers like to bug their kids [...]
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“For me, public opinion will be the ultimate verdict”: Woman from NYPD Rape Case Speaks Out

Tweet As Courtney and Jos wrote about previously, last week New Yorkers took to the streets to protest the infuriating acquittal of two New York City police officers for rape. You can read more information about the case here. The defense claimed, among other things, that the accuser in the case, a young woman living [...]
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Protest the acquittal of NYC cops for rape TODAY!

TweetA coalition of feminists and organizations, including our very own Lori, have organized a protest today in response to the acquittal of two New York City police officers for rape. The case was a disaster, hinging both on claims an officer did not rape the woman despite evidence to the contrary and assertions she was [...]
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This is what a pro-choice rally looks like.

Tweet What an incredible day. A reported 6,000 people came to the Rally for Women’s Health in NYC this Saturday. Here’s a slideshow with some highlights, although we weren’t close enough to get pics of the speakers and performers. You can find some of those here. Some of my fave speakers were Jamia Wilson, Anthony [...]
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NYC Feministing Holiday Happy Hour!

TweetWith the holidays fast-approaching, the Feministing crew in NYC has put together a last-minute happy hour next Thursday for friends, readers and bloggers alike. After all, would the holidays really be the same without some feminist yuletide? So let’s celebrate (or protest) the holidays, tell each other our resolutions for the new year that we’ll [...]
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