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Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet, plus a #TimesTen Kickstarter status update

TweetThis Thanksgiving, the Feministing crew truly has a lot to be thankful for. As of the writing of this article, our #TimesTen Kickstarter has broken $25k! To our 500+ backers at the $1, $2,500 level, and everyone in between, we say: thank you. Every dollar counts. To those who have yet to join our movement, [...]
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Money talks: Rick Ross releases full apology for rape lyric

TweetSo understand this– there’s no more talking to those who perpetuate or enable rape culture. There is only us talking to your money. — dream hampton (@dreamhampton) April 11, 2013 When we first broke the story about Reebok dropping Rick Ross I had mixed emotions.  I was excited that rape culture was being talked about [...]
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Not Oprah’s Book Club: The Soul of Money

TweetLynne Twist, global development expert and founder of The Soul of Money Institute, pushes readers to get way below the surface when it comes to money, power, and social change in this book, The Soul of Money. In an interview, Twist explains her main approach to digging deep: Money drives so much about human behavior [...]
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Are there alternatives to the failing national reproductive rights organizing model?

TweetMy post last week about how national organizations let abortion rights be used as a pawn in the budget fight has generated some interesting questions. Most important and challenging, I think: so what do we do? What’s the answer? If our current organizing model is failing us, what should we be doing instead? I wish [...]
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New documentary showcases attempts to profit off myths about female sexual pleasure

Tweet Orgasm Inc is a documentary that exposes big pharma’s attempts to profit off of myths about female sexual pleasure. It’s shocking and incredible the blatant way that pharmaceutical companies are involved in the creation of medical problems that they can then solve with their new drugs and tools. That’s right: for-profit pharmaceutical companies CREATE [...]
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