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Must-read long read: Arizona’s pro-life paradox

TweetAt The American Prospect, Judith Lewis Mernit has a long and very important article about the contradiction of restricting access to abortion while cutting funding for special needs children in Arizona. Arizona recently banned abortion after 18 weeks, which means there will be more babies born with chromosomal abnormalities – special needs kids. At the [...]
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SCOTUS seems to have racist Arizona immigration law’s back

TweetYesterday, SB 1070 — the highly controversial Arizona law that would legalize racial profiling in the state – was challenged in the Supreme Court by the Obama administration. In the meantime, opponents and supporters mobilized outside to protest, and while supporters were outnumbered, they certainly made their stance clear: Songs, chants and signs telling undocumented immigrants [...]
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Race in Arizona, banned books and closed minds

TweetThe ongoing saga of racialized theatrics continues in the state of Arizona. As you might remember, Arizona introduced the anti-immigrant law SB1070 last year, and then the Mexican-American studies program (also called the Ethnic Studies program) was banned at Tucson Unified School District. Now there are rumblings that Mexican-American studies programs at the university level might [...]
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Arizona passes uterus-bogglingly bad abortion ban

TweetYesterday, the Arizona House passed a bill that would ban abortion after 20 weeks. It now heads to the desk of Governor Jan Brewer. Brewer has five days to veto it, or else it will become law. According to the Arizona Republic: The bill would make numerous changes to abortion laws, including banning abortions after [...]
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Georgia passes “fetal pain” bill

TweetGeorgia is set to join six other states in passing a bill that bans abortion after 20 weeks unless it is a “medically futile” procedure–as in if the woman’s life is at risk. There is no provision for rape and incest and there is no provision for mental and emotional health. This bill got national [...]
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