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Weekly Feminist Reader

Tweet A photographer examines the struggle to provide women with safe, respectful care during childbirth. Rush Limbaugh says VAWA is just a mean plot by the Democrats to make the GOP look bad. Obviously. There’s a profile of feminist bad-ass Ruth Bader Ginsburg in this week’s New Yorker. A interesting discussion of women’s position within Sikhism. [...]
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Purity bear take two: My love is like a box of pizza

TweetWow, these videos are getting better and better. Valentine’s Day purity bear was creepy, but pizza box purity bear’s arguments are downright illogical. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB1G8YF-B4Y This is the worst ad I have ever seen to try and get people not to have sex. If someone eats pizza and then doesn’t dump the box what happens? They [...]
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How the war on reproductive rights hurts women with disabilities

Originally posted in Community Blog

Tweet*TRIGGER WARNING* With one of today’s articles on Feministing’s main page being Eesha Pandit’s coverage of the NC victims of eugenics sterilization being compensated, as well as the training I participated in for the organization I work for, I got to thinking about just how vulnerable women with disabilities are to sexual assault – and [...]
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Rick Perry: Abstinence-only education works…wait nope

TweetTexas Governor Rick Perry has catapulted himself into the top of the Republican presidential field for 2012, which is extremely alarming if you’ve ever listened to Rick Perry speak words. Perry’s ultra conservative views about abstinence-only education are par for the course in the Republican party and Texas in particular, but to hear him explain [...]
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Most American women don’t trust Palin.

TweetYes, most women have brains and can figure things out, like policy that will ruin their lives. A new poll shows us that most voting women trust Planned Parenthood, over Sarah Palin along with disagreeing with her on abstinence-only education. via Politico. The survey, conducted for Planned Parenthood by Democratic pollster Hart Research Associates, found [...]
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