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2010 Better Men Better World Search – Would you vote for Jimmie Briggs?

GQ magazine in the USA is running a competition of sorts, to highlight the efforts of men making a positive impact on their community. It’s at the stage of having 5 finalists, who really are all equally deserving. The winner’s organization will receive a donation of $10,000. Jimmie Briggs is in the running and he is someone who I have a great deal of respect and admiration for. He is the executive director of the Man Up Campaign which hosted a youth summit I attended in Jo’burg this past July.

Jimmie is an incredible guy with a genuine passion for gender equality and making this world a safer place for women. He started out as a journalist, and after spending time writing a book on child soldiers he decided that it wasn’t enough just to be engaged in the global debate on issues that particularly affect women and children, but that he needed to get involved in being part of the solution. That then birthed the idea of the Man Up Campaign, which is a global campaign to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls.