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I finally got a job. At a strip club.

I’ve been job hunting for months. I’ve applied at hundreds and hundreds of places, online and in person.

I’ve only had 4 interviews in my entire job search.

Not one of them hired me. The last job I interviewed for was a new In-n-Out  Burger close to my house. 4,000 people applied for only 40 positions. (I live in San Bernadino county, one of the most recession prone areas in the U.S.)

There was a new strip club opening this weekend that was hiring for (fully clothed) waitresses, and so I applied. I got an on-the-spot interview and was hired the next day.

I was happy, but it was a bittersweet happiness. I texted my sisters, who know very well how hard I’ve been trying to get a job. They told me they were okay with it, but afraid for my safety and that I was supporting the very thing I fight against daily. 

They told me that I was willing to put aside my morals ‘for a quick buck.’  And that I am supporting the idea that women are sex objects.

But beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Regardless of what my family thinks, I’m still the one that’s trying to make money to pay for my own college text books. My own money to pay for my own food for once. I’m 21 years old and cannot afford to buy new clothes for myself.

But now I feel conflicted on whether I should start the job or decline the offer.I ...

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