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Former Feministing executive editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay tapped to head Teen Vogue

By Maya and Lori

The Feministing family is thrilled to congratulate our former executive editor Samhita Mukhopadhyay on becoming the new executive editor of Teen Vogue

For over a decade, Feministing has been at the forefront of online feminist media, producing bold, uncompromising feminist analysis, fighting for concrete, real-world change, and building an engaged community of young feminists. From the beginning, Samhita has always been a huge part of that story. We’re so proud and excited to see her in this new role carrying forward the legacy of uplifting young feminist voices–especially of those who have been historically marginalized–raising consciousness, and spurring positive progressive change.

One of the first writers to join the blog, Samhita was at the helm of Feministing when we first started writing for the site almost a decade ago. She was a mentor and an inspiration, who showed us how you could infuse a deep knowledge of feminist theory into highly accessible writing on a range of topics and could create a site that brought the same sharp, authentic feminist lens to covering everything from Beyonce to Islamophobia. Even then, we knew she would go on to do big things, and girl, do we have the receipts.

Under her leadership, the site’s roster of writers grew and grew more diverse, which is a testament to Samhita’s natural skill at–and firm commitment to–mentoring young feminists. And like all of our super accomplished alums, Samhita has been killing it in the years since she moved on from Feministing too: she’s written a book, co-edited another, and most recently was the senior editorial director of culture and identities at Mic.

We’ve been impressed with the unapologetically feminist coverage that Teen Vogue has been putting out in recent years. And the decision to hire Samhita is a sign of many more great things to come from the outlet. We’re excited to see where Samhita takes it as she continues the work she started so many years ago here at Feministing.


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