Congrats to the first trans Homecoming King in North Carolina

I don’t know what your experience was in high school, but when I look back on mine I vividly remember my emotional state fluidly moving between total acceptance and terror to step foot inside the building. I did ok for myself, but I certainly wasn’t Homecoming Queen (which could have something to do with the fact that I only attending one of four homecomings during my stint). High school is a mixed bag like that. I remember high school being a place where you couldn’t count on your peers to embrace you all the time, especially not if you were operating outside of traditionally defined gender binaries.

So I’d be lying if I said it didn’t restore my hope for teenaged humanity to see that at East Meck High School in North Carolina, trans student Blake Brockington became 2014′s Homecoming King. He is the first transgender person in North Carolina to do so.

(It’d be great if someone could provide the transcript!)

I’d also like to add that those are some kick-ass fundraising skills!

Avatar Image Sesali has never admitted this to anyone, but she always wanted to be prom queen. She wasn’t.

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