2013 Recap: The most popular Feministing posts of the year (Part 2)

2013 To close out 2013, we’re showcasing our favorite feminist content from the past year, starting with the most-read posts on Feministing. Yesterday, we brought you #10 through #6, and today we’re back with the top five.

Check them out and let us know what other posts you think should have made the list!


5) Woman from Fox News’ accidental same-sex wedding picture speaks out

The feminist internet collectively lol’d last winter when Fox News illustrated a piece about traditional gender roles with an iconic wedding kiss photo of a same-sex couple. Lori reposted the response of one of the women in the photo, who had some great words of wisdom: “I have made the decision to live my life authentically no matter who likes it, who’s confused by it, or who thinks I’m going to simmer in hell for eternity…Don’t try to change yourself to please other people.”

4) The effects of unchecked criminalization: Teen charged with felony for science experiment 

Avatar ImageA 16-year-old student does a science experiment that causes a very small explosion (later described as a “pop”). She’s then expelled, taken into custody, and charged with a felony as an adult. Of course she’s a Black girl. Public outcry about this story, including Sesali’s post, led to the charges against Kiera Wilmot being dropped and her expulsion being turned into a suspension. Also she got to go to space camp.

3) Guy texts unsolicited dick pic, woman sends it to his mother, wins

Jos Truitt A man named Trevor, “who is really good a flirting,” learned the hard way that “dick pics are forever.” As Jos wrote in this post, “New technology means new places to harass people, but it’s also given us new ways to fight back.”


2) Wow, that Lorde song Royals is racist and A little more on Lorde, Royals, and racism


OK, so part of the reason these posts got so much traffic was folks having a serious problem with the label “racist.” For some, “racist” = you deliberately hate people of color and are working to hurt them. Vero is talking about the racism that’s embedded throughout our culture. Why does Royals highlight markers of wealth that have been specifically associated with Black hip hop artists? In a year where white pop stars made a mess around race all over the place this song may be one of the more subtle examples, but that doesn’t mean the racial implications aren’t worth thinking about. Especially in the context of pop culture in 2013, which got pretty racist. 

1) How to deal with a mansplainer starring Hillary Clinton in gifs

Zerlina MaxwellHillz. Being a #bawse. Illustrated with gifs. In retrospect, it seems obvious that this guide by Zerlina would be our most popular post of 2013. (Pro tip: Bookmark the page for quick access to tons of gifs to use as you come across mansplainers in your own life.)

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