Scary video: your friendly reminder that sexism still exists

In case you had any doubts that the world is a sexist place, this brilliant and scary video will convince you otherwise.

Like the UN ad campaign we covered last month, the film uses Google autofills to reveal the stereotypes around us. As the Brown Daily Herald reports,

Emma Hall ’16 created the short film “Autofill: A Gender Study.” This 4 minute and 41 second video focuses on societal microaggressions that have become “norms” and stereotypes of gender and feminism revealed through Google searches, including one-line statements such as “rape victims should take blame” and “feminists are ugly.”

Here is the transcript:

Cat: Women need to be dominated.

Eva: Men should be able to hit women.

Sam: Women shouldn’t speak in church.

Jerome: Men want to be heroes.

Jojo: Women can’t be trusted.

Izzi: Rape victims are accusers.

Hector: Men need space.

Anselmo: Men need women.

Haley: Feminists need men.

O’Sha: Feminists are annoying.

Iman: Feminists should die.

Ana: Women shouldn’t vote.

Josh: Women shouldn’t be in combat.

Genevieve: Men should not wear shorts.

Hector: Feminists need to get laid.

Donovan: Feminists need to die.

Sam: Women can’t drive.

Holly: Men should not eat soy.

Heather: Rape victims should not get abortions.

Jonathan: Feminists need to shut up.

Donovan: Men should be what they seem.

Jojo: Feminists should be killed.

Eva: Rape victims should be stoned.

Dylan: Men want respect.

Sana: Feminists should be ashamed.

Dara: Women need to shut up.

O’Sha: Women need to be wanted.

Jarred: Women want security.

Genevieve: Women want what they can’t have.

Victoria: Rape victims should take blame.

Dylan: Feminists are ugly.

Ana: Feminists should be shot.

Cat: Men want to get married.

Anselmo: Feminists are crazy.

Sam: Rape victims should take responsibility.

Jerome: Women can’t take a compliment.

Izzi: Women want to be dominated in bed.

Sana: Men need respect.

Abe: Men can’t be feminists.

Holly: Women shouldn’t work.

Heather: Women want money.

Haley: Women can’t have it all.

Dara: Men need to feel needed.

Victoria: Feminists are evil.

Jonathan: Rape victims are to blame.

Emma: Rape victims are asking for it.

Kevin: Women need to know their place.


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  1. Posted November 11, 2013 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    I live in SC and tomorrow, I’m joining an “intelligent discussion group” to discuss “the changing definition of rape”. Please pray for me! Lord knows I’m going to need some kind of help! Thanks Feministing for giving me all the ammo I need to prep for this “intelligent discussion”.

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