Support Wendy Davis’ campaign for Texas governor!


Last week, feminist filibustering shero, badass former teen mama, and Texas state representative announced that she is running for Governor of Texas in 2014. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, Davis’ expected opponent – a strongly anti-choice one at that – already has a ton of campaign funding, and it’s really important that Wendy Davis is able to raise some funds too.

Goal ThermometerWe’re super excited to join an effort to raise funds for Wendy’s campaign today.

She can’t do it alone, folks, and electoral campaigns: they cost a lot of money! Hiring the best campaign advisors, getting savvy media folks, printing signs and flyers, and doing the groundwork necessary to get folks familiar with the issues – among many other things – all costs a pretty penny, and Wendy Davis needs our help.

If you can, please donate to her campaign today, or spread the word.

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    We’re so excited down in Texas to have Wendy Davis running ! I can assure you, people who’ve never been involved in or excited about politics are involved AND excited. It was really awesome when we had so much support during the all-night hearings & filibuster this summer – if you can chip in $5 or $10 today, you can help us build on that momentum. Thank you, Feministing readers!

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