12 images that will make you wish you’d been protesting at the Texas filibuster last night

If you weren’t on the ground or obsessively watching the live stream–as seemingly everyone on Twitter was–here are some images to give you a taste of what went down in Texas last night. So much love and respect for the activists and leaders who made it happen–and brought us the most exciting reality finale to ever be ignored by the networks.

State Senator Leticia Van de Putt lays it down.

(That cheering? Went on for more than ten minutes while Republicans tried unsuccessfully to vote before the midnight deadline. Seriously, watch it.)

“Every corner of all 4 floors here jammed with people.”  @JeffSmithNBC5

all 4 floors of rotunda packed with people

“This is what a feminist looks like.” Via @shesists

dude in a "this is what a feminist looks like" tee

#TheseShoesWereMadeForFilibustering. Via @Kthalps

Wendy Davis' pink shoes

Never again. Via @nerdette

women holding coathanger sign

“Team Wendy” bracelets made by a 6-year-old girl. Via @lizfarrington

"team wendy" bracelets made by a 6-year-old

The troops rally in the rotunda while the Senate debates rules of order. Via @dcTXN

cecile richards with protestors in the rotuda

Sen. Wendy Davis still standing at the very end. Via @Brian_Sweany

Wendy Davis still standing

Dems hold up two fingers for a “no” vote as crowd continues to yell. Via @KirkPWatson

Dems holding up 2 fingers for a "no" vote

Troopers file in and line the wall at the end. Via @sonia_smith

Troopers lining the walls

Protesters begin to be arrested. Via @JasonWhitely

older woman being arrested by police

After learning the bill is officially dead, the crowd sang “Eyes of Texas.” Via Jessica Luther

And now, on to the next fight.

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