Feministing names new Senior Editor, Editors, and Contributors!

Chloe Angyal

Chloe Angyal

There’s been a lot of big changes happening around these parts, with Samhita, the last member of the Feministing original recipe crew, stepping down as Executive Editor and Lori, Maya, and Jos becoming Executive Directors. Now we’re pleased to announce more recent staffing changes:

Chloe Angyal is becoming Feministing’s first Senior Editor. Chloe has been a long time member of the team – she joined us in 2009 as the Interviews Contributor and founder of the Feministing Five series, and became an Editor in 2011. In addition to her work at this site, she’s written for a ton of print and online outlets and appeared as a regular guest on MSNBC and Al Jazeera. She’s currently completing a doctoral dissertation about romantic comedies cause she’s awesome like that. The role of Senior Editor acknowledges Chloe’s long time commitment to the site, leadership role as a writer and editor, as well as her work representing feminism in the mainstream media.

Alexandra Brodsky and Katie Halper

Alexandra Brodsky (Photo by Jonathan Weiskopf) and Katie Halper

Alexandra Brodsky and Katie Halper are both stepping up to become Editors. Alexandra is an anti-violence activist and student at Yale Law School as well as a leader in the Know Your IX campaign. Alexandra joined the blog in 2012 through our contributor contest and has been an incredibly dedicated member of the team both through her writing and behind the scenes, where she’s quickly taken on a lot of important work. Katie is a comedian and filmmaker who’s recently been screening her award winning documentary Commie Camp all over the place. She was a long time friend of the blog before she become a Contributor in 2011, and brings a ton of valuable editorial experience to the team – Katie even did some editing on Samhita’s book Outdated. Both Katie and Alexandra write and do TV appearances about feminist issues all over the place.

Verónica Bayetti Flores, Juliana Britto Schwartz, and Mychal Denzel Smith

Verónica Bayetti Flores, Juliana Britto Schwartz (photo by Jonathan Weiskopf), and Mychal Denzel Smith

Verónica Bayetti Flores, Juliana Britto Schwartz, and Mychal Denzel Smith have been writing at Feministing for a little while now, and all three are officially joining the team as Contributors. Verónica currently works at the Civil Liberties and Public Policy program, which puts on an annual reproductive justice conference (and where Jos used to work), and previously worked at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health with Editor Emeritus Miriam Pérez. And she was recently arrested protesting for the New York DREAM Act cause she’s a BAMF. Juliana is a recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz. We found Juliana at her personal blog, Latina Feminista, where she writes about reproductive justice, immigration, and feminist movements in Latin America. Mychal is a Knobler Fellow at The Nation Institute and contributor to TheNation.com, and he’s also writing and doing TV appearances all over the place.

Suzanna Bobadilla

Suzanna Bobadilla (Photo by Jonathan Weiskopf)

Finally, Suzanna Bobadilla is filling Anna Sterling’s very large shoes as our new Interviews Contributor. She will be running the Feministing Five – her first interview with Pramila Jayapal, one of the organizers who was arrested in a recent immigrants rights protest, was published this past weekend. Suzanna is a recent graduate of Harvard University, and while she’s very new to the blog crew she’s already proving herself a valuable addition behind the scenes.

We’re super excited to have all these amazing writers and editors on board as we move into the next generation of Feministing. Please join us in congratulating everyone on their new roles!

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