Weekly Feminist Reader: Mother’s Day Edition

"Very important group selfie with my SLR (no iphone baby!) - My mom, my sis and me." -- Syreeta

“Very important group selfie with my SLR (no iphone baby!) – My mom, my sis and me.” — Syreeta

Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Day letter by Gloria Malone: “The problem with being a teen mom is that I don’t hate myself nearly as much as you wish I did.”

Lori and her mom

“Me and my mama April 2009. I love her the most!!!” — Lori

To celebrate Mother’s Day, give the gift of prison phone justice.

Mamas in the South continue the fight for reproductive justice.

Download a Mother’s Day mix from the CFC.

The Racialicious Crush of the Week is the Strong Families’ Mama’s Day Campaign.

Our mothers know they’re doing a great job.

A love note to black mothers.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac breaks down the history of Mother’s Day.

"My mom, her mom, and me--showing off our identical cheeks." -- Alexandra

“My mom, her mom, and me–showing off our identical cheeks.” — Alexandra

Birth mothers are too often forgotten, and too rarely supported.

Many moms can’t afford to work.

In other news:

The Hyde Amendment discriminates against poor people and people of color.

Students gave their schools’ sexual assault policies poor grades.

"Here's my mom with me and my little sister back when I wore huge bows in my hair." -- Maya

“Here’s my mom with me and my little sister back when I wore huge bows in my hair.” –Maya

Let’s build a world where “you’re pretty” is a meaningless compliment.

Every generation is the “Me Me Me Generation.”

UK barrister argues the age of consent should be 13… so we can stop the “persecution of old men.”

Fight menstrual shame.

A form letter to an “edgy comic.”

Where We Stand: Sexual violence at DePauw.

The consistently awful Heritage Foundation had a particularly bad week.

"Me and my mom and my mom's boots." -- Katie

“Me and my mom and my mom’s boots.” — Katie

I love actually the performativity of the rant.”

See the evolution of cover art on 12 classic queer texts.

The man trying to ban abortions in Ohio has never thought about why someone would want one.

Fans defended the As I Lay Dying singer who tried to murder this wife.

The FDA has approved a new IUD.


"Chilling at the diner with Moms." -- Samhita

“Chilling at the diner with Moms.” — Samhita

Our own Mychal changes the conversation by asking whether gun ownership should be a right.

Despite threats, women voted in record numbers in Pakistan’s election yesterday.

Cops beat a woman for filming another beating.

“But I’m a nice guy.”

Support CAAAV’s work in low-income Asian communities in NYC by getting involved in their dance-a-thon.

"This is my mom on the day she became a doctor. She's an inspiration." -- Chloe

“This is my mom on the day she became a doctor. She’s an inspiration.” — Chloe

Male comedian devastated by rape…joke reception.

Are you a young woman lawyer interested in international law? Check out out ASIL’s new mentoring program.

How’s Obama doing on drugs?

Intersectionality, interrupted: “They are there, but they are not the reason they are there.”

Margaret Cho, role model.

Mom photographs her 5-year-old daughter dressed up as bad-ass women from history, and it’s adorable.

Iraq War veterans Reps. Tammy Duckworth and Tulsi Gabbard take the military to task for its failure to address its sexual assault epidemic.

"Me, my mom (Yvette), and my sister Rebekah" -- Zerlina

“Me, my mom (Yvette), and my sister Rebekah” — Zerlina

What have you been reading/writing/watching online this week?

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Alexandra Brodsky was a senior editor at Feministing.com. During her four years at the site, she wrote about gender violence, reproductive justice, and education equity and ran the site's book review column. She is now a Skadden Fellow at the National Women's Law Center and also serves as the Board Chair of Know Your IX, a national student-led movement to end gender violence, which she co-founded and previously co-directed. Alexandra has written for publications including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Nation, and she is the co-editor of The Feminist Utopia Project: 57 Visions of a Wildly Better Future. She has spoken about violence against women and reproductive justice at campuses across the country and on MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, ESPN, and NPR.

Alexandra Brodsky was a senior editor at Feministing.com.

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