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Autostraddle takes on misogyny within butch communities.

Feminists aren’t the ones who think all men are rapists. Rapists are.

An open letter to Eve Ensler.

17-year-old girl wins hackathon.

Angela Davis and Lennox Hinds denounce the FBI for naming Assata Shakur a “Most Wanted Terrorist.”

Why the hunt for Shakur matters.

Cosponsor the Employment Non-Discrimination Act here.

Demand access to emergency contraception for all women.

Many of the Human Rights Campaign’s biggest donors are drone manufacturers.

Pro-choice activists are risking prison time by educating people about abortion.

On Amanda Knox, sexual freedom, and Henry James.

A Harvard professor claims Keynes’ sexuality means he didn’t care about future generations (and then apologizes).

Elizabeth Cline makes the case for ethical fashion.

Another take on the Dove “real beauty” campaign.

Five reasons survivors should reclaim masturbation.

Randy Voller apologizes for saying the GOP is “raping [the Dems'] along the way,”

Are Danny Brown’s misogynistic lyrics relevant to the analysis of his alleged (by someone else) assault?

Teen pregnancy is a multi-layered issue.

What is it like to have an abortion in Brazil? Business Insider tries to answer the question as a warning to the U.S.

“I’m a scholar, not a criminal.”

Looking for a bad reason to vote against the Paycheck Fairness Act?

An account of anti-semitism in prison.

“What is particularly problematic about the Dartmouth administration’s email is the fact that it posits a false equivalence between the students’ protest and the rape and death threats they received.” 

The Economist semi-defends the Obama administration’s Plan B decision.

Billie Jean King on Jason Collins and the lesbian athletes who came out before him.

Let’s go braless. 

Watch lectures on Sexual Violence and Neoliberalism at the 2013 Historical Materialism Conference in NY.

Whatever you feel about Beyonce’s feminism or lack thereof, this will be your new favorite Tumblr…

…unless you haven’t seen Cosmarxpolitan and Lisa Frankfurt School.

Here’s this week’s critique of “Babes at the Museum,” which–many years later–is still awful.

“Orgasm is my BFF.”

What have you been reading/writing/watching this week?

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Alexandra Brodsky was a senior editor at Feministing.com. During her four years at the site, she wrote about gender violence, reproductive justice, and education equity and ran the site's book review column. She is now a Skadden Fellow at the National Women's Law Center and also serves as the Board Chair of Know Your IX, a national student-led movement to end gender violence, which she co-founded and previously co-directed. Alexandra has written for publications including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Nation, and she is the co-editor of The Feminist Utopia Project: 57 Visions of a Wildly Better Future. She has spoken about violence against women and reproductive justice at campuses across the country and on MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, ESPN, and NPR.

Alexandra Brodsky was a senior editor at Feministing.com.

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