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What we missed

TweetCourtney Baxter from the Op-ed Project on her mentor and Feministing alum Courtney Martin, hope, fear and finding your dream job. Joe Biden said, “transgender discrimination is the Civil Rights issue of our time.” Swoon! Brad Pitt gave 100K to HRC in support of marriage equality. A former pro-lifer on realizing that the pro-life movement [...]
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Sometimes silence is more effective than noise

TweetCampaign finance reform is not exactly a sexy topic. But it’s on the mind of many Americans and is one of the largest threats to democracy today. Unlimited donations to certain candidates is what has allowed so many anti-women types to make it to the forefront of politics. At least 83% of the public feel there [...]
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This is what misogyny looks like

TweetLast week, a doctor who has dedicated his practice to helping rape survivors heal was attacked. His family was held hostage, he was threatened at gun point, and his security guard died. Why didn’t you hear about it? Because it happened in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lauren Wolfe reports at The Atlantic: No money [...]
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Because your intelligence hasn’t been insulted enough already in this campaign

TweetI am obviously voting for Paul Ryan’s ticket, because the guy is totally dreamy. Sure, his fiscal policies are mathematically nonsensical at best and socially unjust at worst, and he thinks I should be left die in the ER if I need a life saving abortion but the doctors don’t believe in the procedure. But [...]
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Racing Obama: Are critiques of ethnic solidarity useful?

TweetThe conflict between different race ideologies has been ongoing during President Obama’s term. There are those who recognize the historic importance of a black president in a country as racially divided as the US. And there are those who are frustrated–despite having our first black president, some argue, there hasn’t been an actual shift in [...]
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