Domino’s Pizza thinks rape is a joke

Not sure how many times we have to say it, but RAPE IS NOT A JOKE.  It’s not a metaphor.  Or a clever play on words.  Or a good way to scare women into never drinking alcoholIt’s a reality for so many people, a trauma that warrants empathy and that requires years of healing.

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So when I see Domino’s pizza making a joke about rape with their, “No, is the new yes” campaign, which is featured across the top of their artisan pizza boxes, I have to call them out for insensitive, inappropriate and vile advertising that hurts people.

If Domino’s needs advice on their next campaign in order to avoid such embarrassment and condemnation, just ask me, or a woman, or just stay away from rape, cultural stereotypes, sexism, and homophobia just off general principle.

Then after that ask another woman.

And if she okays with it then maybe it’s not totally horrible but that still won’t help to improve the fact that Domino’s doesn’t even make good pizza.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is my personal opinion regarding the quality of Domino’s Pizza and does not represent the views of everyone on the site.  But seriously their pizza is not very good.

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  • Zed

    You may not be aware of this, but Domino’s Pizza was founded by Tom Monaghan, an extreme religious misogynist. He’s also strongly anti-union. His other notable works include the Ave Maria foundation, which has attempted to use its funds to enforce Catholic doctrine as law, all the way down to the opposition to contraception. He was also involved with Operation Rescue, which can arguably be described as an anti-abortion terrorist organization.

    He sold Domino’s Pizza in 1998 to the Bain group, but may still be involved in its operation, and finding extreme sexism from them is not at all a surprise. NOW has boycotted the chain. I personally consider the franchise irredeemable, but in part because I also share your opinion of the quality of their pizza.

  • Julia

    I sincerely doubt that Domino’s was actually trying to make a rape joke here. There’s nothing about gender or sexuality in the ad, and I don’t think Domino’s intended for the ad to have any sexual connotations. In fact, the ad is about saying “no” instead of saying “yes” – it’s not saying “no means yes”, which would be the real problematic implication. The phrasing is definitely poor, and absolutely could look like a rape joke, which is a problem. It’s completely reasonable to call out the ad for that fact. But I don’t think you can go so far as to assume they actually wanted the person reading the ad to think about rape when there’s a plausible non-sexual explanation for the ad.

  • Walt

    Domino’s shouldn’t have released an ad worded similarly to a rape joke, but were they making one? Rape culture memes about no meaning yes aren’t apt tag lines for a campaign about how they definitely aren’t going to comply with your request. Mundane as it is, “Domino’s is doing a thing that pizza chains have normally not done and we’ve totally got some sweet wordplay where a thing is equated to its opposite” could justify the ad in their eyes without the “edgy” rape aspect. Could. Being more inclusive would help either way. I think. I hope that a woman didn’t point out the problem with the ad only to have Domino’s decide that rapeyness isn’t bad business.

  • Eva

    This is outrageous. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired about the minimization of rape.

    Here is info to complain about the ad:

    (305)859-2070 and ask to speak with Tammy Degrasse-Cabrera. This number is to the ad agency Dominos used to create the ad, called CPBGroup. I spoke with her today briefly. She cannot/will not comment or reply on the ad, but says she will pass along complaints to her team…whatever that means.

    (730)930-3030 and ask to speak with customer care. Same sort of deal, they take your complaint and say they will “pass” along to the commercial and advertising dept.

    You can also send Dominos a complaint via email here:

  • Spencer Koelle

    I was kind of hoping they just didn’t realize what they implied with “no means yes”, but then I saw the text in the lower-right corner saying “Oh yes we did”. -_- Not cool.

    Incidentally, “artisan” is a word that cannot be technically used to describe anything mass-produced, and so is false advertising here.

  • gabrielle

    FYI, “oh yes we did!” is the tagline of an ad campaign domino’s has been carrying on since 2010. this new campaign is also saying “no is the new yes”, not “yes is the new no”; i don’t expect others to see it, but i see a big difference. why is bain capital is germane to the issue? … other than the fact that domino’s has rebranded themselves and turned their operation around? btw they really have turned around the quality of their pizza- in fact, i’ve made it a point to recommend giving them a chance any time one of my friends is ordering pizza for the game, get together, or holiday. anecdotal, i know, but so far the new pizzas have met unanimous approval in my circle of friends. i used think their pizza was awful, too. i think i’ll point out that i checked, and while tom monaghan is staunchly anti-choice, he is no longer associated with dominos and dominos has never funded anti-choice groups or initiatives. check snopes- they’ve addressed this issue.

    the main thing is that i still don’t really see this as a rape joke, but if enough people do, they really ought to respect that, and change it!

  • John

    While I agree that Domino’s use of ‘Artisan’ is a bad choice and poorly applied, it is a widely accepted word in the industry. Several other consumer oriented fast food franchises use it as well. Rather than strictly false advertising it is misleading – but is that really the point?

    I disagree however that the advertisement promotes RAPE. After several careful readings I can not find a single reference to that word. Does it gall that there is an inference? It should, but it is an inference, not a joke about and certainly not a promotion of.

    I have been in the movement since the 1960’s and have seen the destructive power that comes with hanging on every word – looking for something wrong. Truly this is not an issue to salt the fields with, there are bigger fish to fry and better pizza to eat!

  • lefthandedpenguin

    I’m kind of failing to see what this has to do with rape or sexual assault. Since when does using the words ‘no’ and ‘yes’ in the same sentence mean we’re talking about rape?

  • Malaise

    Ugh. Domino’s is awful in all respects. The Z’s have pretty much said what I was going to; Zerlina is right that they make terrible tasteless pizza (in addition to terrible tasteless box copy), and Zed beat me on pointing out that horrible anti-woman politics have been behind Domino’s since the beginning.

  • Rafael

    Honestly if you read the rest of the ad it doesn’t seem like a rape joke. In the context of the ad the “no is the new yes”, the “yes” takes the meaning of “positive” as an adjective rather than an authorization for something, it seems that what they’re trying to convey is that in this case saying “no” to the costumer is a good thing because it improves the quality of the pizza. The slogan only seems like a rape joke if you take it out of context.

    On the other hand the “Yes we did” on the lower right is a little suspicious, but you also could be taking that out of context. Overall it just seems like an unfortunate choice of words, so it would be better to stop and think for a while before making an outrage out of it.

  • Kyle

    Ok, I will say that this is an incredibly stupid campaign to not allow people to choose the toppings on their pizza. However, it is a bit of a stretch to call this a rape joke. Seriously, it seems like you have too much time on your hands and are trying to look for things to get upset over. I know people who are rape victims that would agree that this is not supposed to be a commentary on rape. It almost seems like this post is some kind of anti-humor, which if it is, I have to say shame on you for making a rape joke. It’s not funny.

  • Robert

    Maybe they did this for publicity. To some people there is no such thing as bad publicity. I remember when Limbaugh said all that stuff about that lady and his ratings increased after everyone complained. Companies initially dropped them and then tried to come back, he turned them away to show who really had power. I believe Domino’s knows exactly what reaction this could have.