Domino’s Pizza thinks rape is a joke

Not sure how many times we have to say it, but RAPE IS NOT A JOKE.  It’s not a metaphor.  Or a clever play on words.  Or a good way to scare women into never drinking alcoholIt’s a reality for so many people, a trauma that warrants empathy and that requires years of healing.

Via Eclectablog

So when I see Domino’s pizza making a joke about rape with their, “No, is the new yes” campaign, which is featured across the top of their artisan pizza boxes, I have to call them out for insensitive, inappropriate and vile advertising that hurts people.

If Domino’s needs advice on their next campaign in order to avoid such embarrassment and condemnation, just ask me, or a woman, or just stay away from rape, cultural stereotypes, sexism, and homophobia just off general principle.

Then after that ask another woman.

And if she okays with it then maybe it’s not totally horrible but that still won’t help to improve the fact that Domino’s doesn’t even make good pizza.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is my personal opinion regarding the quality of Domino’s Pizza and does not represent the views of everyone on the site.  But seriously their pizza is not very good.

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