Tax-funded CPC’s now hiring: Christians only need apply

With the news that 1 in 2 recent grads are jobless or underemployed, I’m sure many of you are job-hunting or know someone who is.

Well, look no further yall!

I hear there are some lovely CPCs that are hiring. They are taxpayer funded and can offer you or your job-seeking buds a sure-to-be fulfilling career helping people at an important, often vulnerable time in their life — when they are pregnant. There’s only one catch — ya better be Christian!

Yall know about crisis pregnancy centers, right? They’re these places that pretend to be health centers where women who are pregnant can come to consider all of their options, but are actually anti-choice fronts.

We’ve been covering these for a while now. Here’s a handy guide to everything you need to know about them. Here’s some more information released by NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina after conducting their undercover investigation into them (spoiler alert: their findings are pretty friggin’ scary.) And here  is a first-hand account of how misleading CPCs are, not only because the staff, who are not medical professionals, wear hospital style uniforms, but also because they scare women about the risks of abortion in order to influence them away from their choice to have one.

Now, thanks to some solid investigative reporting from the newly re-launched American Independent, it seems CPCs have managed to do something that makes them even more shameful, conniving, and illegal than they already are — which is really saying something. From the article (all emphasis added):

“If you want to help carry out the anti-abortion mission of the taxpayer-funded Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center, you have to be a Christian.

It’s right there on the Rapid City, S.D., center’s volunteer application.

“Do you consider yourself a Christian?” “If yes, how long have you been a Christian?” “As a Christian, what is the basis of your salvation?” “Please provide the following information concerning your local church. Church name … Denomination … Pastor’s name.” “This organization is a Christian pro-life ministry. We believe that our faith in Jesus Christ empowers us, enables us, and motivates us to provide pregnancy services in this community. Please write a brief statement about how your faith would affect your volunteer work at this center.”

But that hasn’t stopped the center from receiving federal funding and other forms of government support.”

It’s offensive on so many levels. Firstly, misleading women about their healthcare options, is a shitty and illegal thing to do. Now on top of that, you’re literally lying about your motives in providing said healthcare options, and discriminating against people when deciding who is allowed to take part in this shady activity as an employee based on religion, with taxpayer dollars.

Does it get any more NOT okay?

The American Independent further chronicles how the centers try to keep this all hidden, pointing out that “many of the country’s anti-abortion pregnancy centers are Christian organizations is not something that is prominently featured in state literature promoting these groups or even on many of the centers’ websites….But for many of these places, Jesus Christ is central to their daily activities.”

Please go read this scary and important piece and do everything you can to fight CPCs with their misleading tactics and discriminatory policies from operating in your area, lest you got he way of South Dakota:

“It’s possible that if South Dakota’s anti-abortion law is ever implemented, some secular crisis pregnancy centers will register with the state. But as it stands now, doctors would be required to direct women to a facility whose mission is to prevent abortions while spreading the Gospel.”

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Lori Adelman is a writer and advocate focusing on race, gender, and sexual and reproductive rights. In addition to serving as an Executive Director at Feministing, Lori is the Director of Global Communications at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Lori has previously worked at the United Nations Foundation, the International Women’s Health Coalition, and Human Rights Watch, and has written for a host of print and digital properties including Rookie Magazine, The Grio, and the New York Times Magazine. She regularly appears on radio and television, and has spoken at college campuses across the U.S. about topics like the politics of black hair, transnational movement building, and the undercover feminism of Nicki Minaj. In 2014, she was named to The Root 100 list of the nation's most influential African Americans, and to the Forbes Magazine list of the "30 Under 30" successful people in media.

Lori Adelman is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Partnerships.

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