Beyonce writes open letter to Michelle Obama

On her new Tumblr, Beyonce posted a handwritten letter to First Lady Michelle Obama.  In the letter, Beyonce gushes about how proud she is of the First Lady for being the “ultimate example of a truly strong African American woman” and how FLOTUS is a perfect role model for her own daughter.

Beyonce isn’t alone in her love of the First Lady but apparently she missed “First Lady Michelle Obama Appreciation Day” that we had here at Feministing back in February.  I’m sure Beyonce just skipped a day of reading our site because she was so busy in preparation for the arrival of her daughter Blue Ivy.

Michelle Obama embodies so much progress in public representations of African American women.  Her style and grace under the intense media scrutiny is something to marvel at.  Beyonce surely isn’t the first to notice just how awesome our First Lady is and I’m sure she won’t be the last.  Check out the letter below:

via I Am Beyonce

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  • Alison

    Michelle was on The Colbert Report last night and it struck me once again just how totally *likable* and warm and awesome she seems…and makes me shake me head when I read the nastiness people sometimes throw at her. So this letter from Beyonce is so nice to see, and so charming! :)

    Also? I love my mom to pieces and we are very close, and she’s been an absolute rock for me as I’ve been dealing with severe health issues…BUT if I had to choose a new mom, it would totally be Michelle :)

  • laura

    aside from being nurturing and humble, i find her academic and career accomplishments to be equally desirable attributes.

  • Chelsea

    I believe Michelle Obama is a GREAT role model for, but not limited to, African American women. She is a role model for women of all races. She is breaking the mold and opening up closed doors for all women and women who will take her position. Even a small thing such as her attire. For my sorority we wear what is called “pin attire”. This consists of business-like clothing, closed toed shoes, no tank tops, and skirts at knee length. The question of what constitutes a tank top came up. Could our shoulders still show even if the shirt didn’t have spaghetti straps? We decided that “if Michelle Obama can wear it, we can wear it.”

  • Kaitlin

    This letter is amazing. I respect Beyonce for writing that to her because she does deserve people giving her feedback on how strong she is out there. We all know there are people out there against her just because she is African American. These people obviously don’t understand poise when they see it. Being able to be strong and caring for everyone out there even though there are so many against you is truly amazing. I am glad that Beyonce took the time to write her this letter because that helps to get people to notice the fact that there are changes going on in the world and having an African American president and first lady is just the beginning. We should all take the time to recognize the amazing qualities of our first lady and how she is helping the African American women of this world.

  • Jessica

    I agree that Michelle Obama rocks. One thing that I have found frustrating, though, is that her academic and professional accomplishments seem to not matter now that she is the First Lady. She graduated from the same law program as her husband, yet you would never hear her talked having legitimate opinions about law, policy, or business issues. I agree that she is an amazing human being, but it seems like while she has drive, ambition, confidence and accomplishments equal to many powerful people in the country, her public perception is limited to her role as a wife and mother.